walking the balloons

I suspect this fellow was taking these to a party. Maybe it was a celebration for the win the Giants had last night. It sure made Husband happy. Condolences to all the Green Bay fans.


  1. It sure made for a colorful picture and brings lots of things to mind on what he could be carrying the balloons for. Maybe he was a balloon salesman!

  2. What a fun thought .. he could be going door to door ..knock, knock. Who's there? Balloons for sale! I imagine it would be an interesting job

  3. The "balloons for sale" made me think of a children's book I liked when I was little called "Caps for Sale".. isn't that funny?

    You're also going to laugh at me when I tell you I hate balloons. I'm always afraid they are going to pop and startle me... lol

    Great shot though, very pretty against the grey tones of the city street...

  4. He was on his way to making someone feeling special. God bless him!

  5. How important colors are. Especial the red spot in any photo.
    Watch Hillary´s red dress

  6. I like this photo and all I can say is go Giants!!!


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