waiting, impatiently

this was taken several years ago, alas, the Time Cafe ran out of time & is no more
but when it was, it was very dog friendly as you can see.

too much to understand

tooned by redelstein aka Husband

my sky

Swings in the Jerome Park, in the Bronx
Noon on a very cold
President's Day, Monday, February 16, 2009

The Jerome Park Reservoir is located in the North Bronx, New York City. It was built in 1906 to serve the Croton Aqueduct as part of the New York City water supply system.

The reservoir is surrounded by DeWitt Clinton High School, the Bronx High School of Science, Lehman College, and numerous apartment houses, including the Amalgamated Housing Cooperative, administered by the Park Reservoir Housing Corporation.

It is named for Jerome Park Racetrack, a part of the former Old Bathgate Estate which opened in 1866 and which was the site of the inaugural Belmont Stakes in 1867. The racetrack was condemned, bought by New York City and closed in 1889 to make way for the reservoir.

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thursday in the hood

The Beacon Theatre
on Broadway
between 74th-75th Streets
re-opened recently after an 18 month renovation
Paul Simon performed on Feb 13-14

The Beacon is the "older sister" to Radio City Music Hall.
Both legendary venues were the "brainchild" of
Samuel "Roxy" Rothafel,
the great theatrical impresario and visionary of his time.

monochrome monday

I have often walked down this street before ...
in fact I do it every day ...
this is my block, my street ..
actually the opposite side of the street our brownstone is on ..
we face south ..
this is facing north .. it was taken at
11:44 AM on Monday, December 27, 2008

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did I get a package? No. I got TWO!

Okay, another long post, so settle in... those what needs to, go to the loo, now ... get something to drink ... coffee or water or wine ... and get comfy.

I am a friend and supporter of Diane's, she of the amazing jewelry making talents AND the gentle spirit, you can visit her blog Rosa & Josie's.

One day back in November I visited, as I do every day, and saw the most exquisite turquoise cross ... now you may wonder why a nice Jewish girl would be enamored of a cross ... well, I have a cross and heart 'fixation' ... I love both shapes. I have several necklaces with crosses NOT crucifixes, crosses.

As luck would have it the cross in this photo was sold. Diane said she would make me another similar to it, not identical because all the crosses are different due to the nature of turquoise and of course she's an artist not a machine.

Sometime went by before Diane found another cross she felt was 'right'; she proceeded to make this one for me and she sent it off ... USPS ... sadly it never arrived.

Lost or stolen, we had no idea.

Diane was undaunted and set about making another ... which believe it or not was lost as well!

We couldn't believe it!

Two packages mailed from two different places ... LOST ... or ... STOLEN.

This past Tuesday she mailed off another .... this one .... she said it was due to arrive on Thursday of this week.

Midday Thursday Diane emailed to say the tracking info says the package was delivered to my home at 8 something in the morning ... it was then past Noon ... so I called Husband to make sure it was there.

Hey, honey, I said, Did I get a package?

No, was his reply

OH NO, I thought, I cannot believe it.

Before I could say anything Husband said:

You got TWO packages ... from Katy, TX ... from someone named Rosie?

I laughed, I applauded, I hung up and immediately called Diane.

Turns out that the second AND the third necklace arrived simultaneously!!!

... and here's the best part:

Diane had insured them all so she got paid for the lost necklace which is now found and although I offered to send one back, she insisted I keep them both.

I am wearing Cleo's Turquoise
as I write this

and the earrings on the left.
She sent one pair with each of the crosses ... and a deee-vine smelling Ginger soap I cant wait to use.

Doesnt that restore your faith in the mail system?

I didnt think so.


I am clearly a follower ...
a super heroine but a follower ...
I followed Sybil and Mielikki to this site
and made that awesome super heroine ...
yeah, I know, but I was Ptomcruised!

my sky

79th Street and Third Avenue
2:11 PM Friday,February 13, 2009

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and then

Yesterday shortly after I learned of The Aunt's passing the mail was delivered here in the office by our crack mail person Richie. He loves when I get something personal almost as much as I do ... so he was smiling when he handed me this slightly damaged package:

I was surprised to see the return address .. BritGalSarah sent me something .. WOW .. trust me I ripped it open all the way ...

and found:
Can you read what the card says?

The message inside of the card compares the favorite bra with girl friends and its a truism ... good versions of both are hard to find and you never want to lose either.

Sarah goes on to write her own note explaining I had won something on her blog but she hadnt got to mailing it til she read the post about losing my earring.

That's when she told Hubster that they needed to send these off to me STAT...

They are exquisite .. those are, man-made Opals, not turquoise ... and I cant wait to wear them ...

Thank you Sarah and Hubster.

invited to a tea? eat lunch first

I went to a baby shower at
at 4:30 PM on a Sunday.
We got there a little early 
to set out the special votives 
made to match 
the black/white motiff 
 chose for the invitations 
(and the nursery), 
(also b/w matching the invitation/votive design)
 gifts for the guests.

After taking our coats,
 the staff offered Champagne cocktails to sip as we put the placecards, 
votives and little gifts for the guests on the tables.

There were 3 tables for the adults
one for the children invited!

the gift to the guests was an adorable little bookmark

After the Mother-To-Be arrived
fussed over
the guests sat down to 'tea'.

We started with a small green salad

Followed by 
teensy weenie crustless sandwiches 
of things like 
cucumber/cream cheese, 
sun dried tomato/cream cheese,
cinnamon cream cheese on nut bread slivers, 
spiced ham, and two other extremely - to me - unappetizing, 
less than finger food size 
(unless your finger is an infant's finger).

 Earl Grey Breakfast, Chamomile, or Jasmine.

The next 'course' was 2 tiny scones, 
one 'traditional' 
one with dried cranberries, 
clotted cream and jam 
on the side

Closely followed by petite fours and Proseco

special cupcakes that had the same design as the invitation, etc.

And then
cake was served

After we'd finished all the sugar, er, food
the Hostess 
(aka Mother-In-Law) 
rang a cute little bell to 
snap us out of our sugar stupor
get our attention

A toast was made to "A healthy baby"

We played Baby Bingo

There were a lot of winners and each one got a prize
 We watched as presents were opened 
exclaimed the Mother-To-Be
 as each gift unwrapped and held up to be seen.

We got home at 8:30 PM
I helped unload the gifts from the car
Mother-To-Be lives in Los Angeles
(wouldnt you have a baby shower in NYC if you lived in LA? I thought so)
all the gifts
from the 34 guests
 and a few extras
 all the gifts
had to be packed and shipped

 guess who was doing the shipping?
yup, the In-Laws
the same people who paid for the extra flower arrangements 
Mother-To-Be insisted were needed 

she had never been to this place
but had heard it was the cat's meow
so her MIL went to have lunch and check it out.

She reported back and was quizzed on the food.

Very nice, said the Mother-In-Law.

Nice?! The food is just NICE? Well, we'd better get flowers to make up for the nice food.

She also decided the invitations her MIL bought were not formal enough.
 So she got her own invites and did the wording herself, 
 ordered the votives and cupcakes to match. 
 All paid for by
 .. yup .. 
the In-Laws.

It was not as bad as it could have been.

She didnt need to make her self the center of attention 
because she was the center of attention 
so there was way less attitude than usual.

self promotion

I was interviewed here ..
stop by, read, comment
vote for my blog
or not ..

thursday in the hood

the intersection of 57th Street & Fifth Avenue
hangs the Swarovski crystal star
Wednesday, January 21, 2009 11:30 AM

The Aunt

The Aunt passed this morning.

She was 90 years old.

The photo of her in the kitchen up there on the left was taken 2 years ago
The photo to its right was taken in the same kitchen sometime in the late 1960s.
The photo on the bottom left was taken at her granddaughter's wedding 6 yrs ago
The photo on the bottom right is of her and The Uncle
They were married over 60 yrs, he passed 10 yrs ago
They are together again now, I am sure.

Harriette Schindler
June 30, 1919 - February 18, 2009

wordless wednesday

Testy Mctester Post, Part 2

My goodness it's cold today. I wonder if it's cold in Cardiff?

holly : "why yes, yes it is!"

Wow, that was quick.

waiting, impatiently

Outside Zabar's
Broadway between 80th-81st Streets
Saturday, January 24, 2009 11:20 AM

my sky

Times Square
looking south from 45th Street
Wednesday January 28, 2009 7:31 AM

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dear lynn,

I so owe you an apology.
I was ungracious in my thank you for the
delicious birthday box filled with
edible treats.
Align Centervery clearly this is
the dreaded
sun dried tomatoes
I mistakenly thought they were.

I will be enjoying it
I wonder is it good on crow too?

with love,

thursday in the hood

Last week, while it was still snowing I headed home.That means walking down these stairs into the Times Square Subway Station
Appealingly attractive, isnt it?

tschkas! tschkas from Wales!

hey., its a short month, so I am continuing the birthday celebration.

today's installment got here a wee bit late
due to time zone issues, yeah, that's it, time zone issues!
holly fearlessly trudged through the snow that crippled britian and wales
last week to get this parcel into the post

when it arrived in the mail room,
our crack mail person rushed it to my desk,
shouting as he ran through the halls
"mail from wales for 'the fabulous daryl'"
.. yes, richie speaks in italicized quotations.

i wish you could see it better ...
wait i might just have a close up of the
computer, er, handmade birthday card
holly created using
pix of herself, myself and leendaluuself

why, here it is!

wordless wednesday

monochrome odd shot monday

This is one of those things you have to see to believe ..
This building is near the ferry slip in Beacon, NY

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thank you all..

Especially you Mojo for that amazing surprise Toon .. tell Tonka he rocks!

I had the most amazingly indulgent day ever.

An hour massage from Ron at Exhale on Madison/77 St. Ron is also an acupressurist so he worked my back .. ahhh .. and let me say I love Ron.

Then I bussed it back to the 'hood to Polished Beauty Bar on W./ 78 St. for mani/pedi ... followed by a wash & blow dry gifted to me by the very wonderful Lissette at Curl Up & Dye Salon on Broadway 76-77 Sts.

In between, Wendy met me for coffee and catch up.

Answered some emails, held court on the mobile with gal pals from Chicago and Dallas.

My sister stopped by, she got me beautiful amethyst earrings, and we made plans to meet at Citron Bistro on Columbus at 7:30.

We are shown to our table and who do they sit us next to?

Wendy and her husband Harlow!

So we had an accidental party.

Great fun.

Thank you all for your birthday wish comments ... you all were part of making this a very special birthday ... my second celebration of ... my sixtieth ...

the Husband and me
photo credit: Wendy

Happy Birthday Auntie D!

Okay, we may have the date wrong by a day or two... but Daryl'll get over it. 'cos she's just a rockstar that way!
Happy Birthday to the Fashionista Herself!
Oh, and you're definitely gonna want to embiggen... unless your eyes are way better than Dad's.

Oh. My. Bob. ... this is amazing!!! Tonka, it is today ... I am speechless... thank you Mojo

waiting, impatiently - guest poster/photographer

Our guest poster is Mojo
he of Why? What Have You Heard?
That's his dog Tonka waiting, impatiently as
Mojo takes 'just one more shot'
Theyland Stables, Raleigh, NC
January 17, 2009 approx. 2 PM

Me? I am off to a day of beautification™

the moon is 99.99% full

I am back from a lovely dinner.

After moving up the dinner reservation 30 minutes, I leave the office, its 4:50 PM, take the elevator down and walk out of the building across 42nd Street to the subway; down the stairs, through the turnstile and as I go to put my Metrocard into my shoulder bag I realize I dont have my bag.

Its up in the office, inside the lower desk drawer.

So I turn around, go back through the turnstile, up those STEEP fucking stairs, across 42nnd Street, into the building past security, up in the elevator and down the hall into the office.

I grab my bag, throw it over my shoulder and as I walk out I yell to Boss #1 "forgot my bag, I am now gone".

Lucky for me when I finally get to the subway platform a train is being 'held' so I get on and got a seat. Well it was almost a seat. I sit down squashed between this woman in what looks to be a size XXL hooded parka and this seemingly normal sized man sitting with his legs so far apart he was taking up two seats. I guess his balls are too huge for him to sit with his knees together like a normal person sits.

I get off at 79 St, walking home I check my watch, its 5:15. I need to meet Judy at 5:30 and I must go home first so I call her cell and leave her a message.

Finally, I get home.


Tossing off the scarf, the coat I walk into the bathroom, I pee, I wash, I put back on the coat, the scarf and .... WHERE IS MY EARRING?????

I look everywhere .. and so does Husband,

No earring.

I am upset. I am late. I am ready to cry. So I do.

Sometimes you just need to cry.

Husband had no idea what to do or say .. maybe you can make the remaining one into an necklace ... I know how you feel ...

A necklace? - I manage to get out through the crying

You know how I feel? Really? Have you ever lost something you really love?

A lot of deep breaths, a lot of self loathing: oh how fucking stupid I am. I dont deserve to own anything good.

I consider not going to dinner but I know she is waiting for me so I wash my face and leave to meet Judy.

Over a glass of Malbec I tell her about the earring. She does understands .. and she knows how he wouldn't.

Midway through the lovely glass of Malbec I get over it.

We had a great meal at a newish place, The West Branch, where I had a whole boneless trout that was amazing and a ceasar salad. Judy had half a chicken, I asked the waiter what they were going to do with the other half and he laughed, he got a good tip.

Judy got me ... wait for it ... a scarf. Seriously, that's the 4,000th scarf I have gotten as a gift since Christmas. I love scarves but people, it is enough.

We say good night. She walks to 72nd to get the express downtown and I walk home. KINGS a new TV show is being filmed in front of the Apthrop. I stop to watch for a minute. I walk the few blocks to our apartment quickly, its cold.

I walk in, I am taking off my coat when I look down at the cats toys and there is the other earring.

NB: Its not that I dont love Husband, its not that he didnt try to help. I was being irrational.

my sky

again, looking east across 79th Street
January 26, 2009 7:09 AM

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thursday in the hood

Another shot of St Patrick's Cathedral on Fifth Avenue
(I used a shot of the spires for Monochrome Monday)
This is the 50th Street side where the entrance to
the Rectory and the Parish House are located.
The tall modern building 'behind' St Pat's is
actually on the westside of Fifth Avenue,
part of the Rockefeller Center/Plaza complex

write on! respect the blog

During my lunchtime blog reading I stopped at Fat, Frumpy and Fifty's (by the way she is none of that .. okay maybe she's 50) and read her take on a post written by Don Mills Diva

I urge you to go read both posts and then speak out.