waiting patiently - chloe

This is Chloe
Her person frequents Polished Beauty Bar
while he is getting his manicure
yes, real men get manicures!
she waits right next to his chair
isnt she pretty?

flea market finds

this vendor 
located outside the actual flea market 

he didnt want to pay the vendor fee 
maybe he wanted to corner the market on party hats for New Year's Eve   

how do you plan on celebrating? 

are you going out? 
staying in? 

will you be wearing a hat? 
will you be tooting a noisemaker?  

will you party hearty?
will you toast the new year and then head to bed?  

tell me all about it in the comment section.  


 Well this year 
we'll be celebrating together 
at home 
in front of the BIG television that dominates our living room 
likely a bottle of bubbly will be opened 
toasts to the new year will be made

here's a toast to you, gentle reader:  
health, happiness, prosperity to one and all 

I look forward 
to sharing another year 
photographs and blather 
with you

thanks again for coming along as I go out and about in New York City!

three on thursday - friends

I spent Tuesday night 
3 friends 
around the Upper Westside  

Gale force winds and monsoon like rain on Tuesday night 
did not stop us from treking to 
on Amsterdam for dinner   

Thai food was a specific request from 
ChesapeakeBayWoman aka my friend Janice 
she got

was dry but freezing winds made our wandering an adventure 
getting photo ops 
in between
warming up in stores 

 among the places we wandered for photo ops 

Riverside Park South  
then up the stairs at 67 Street through 

 Janice, Kate (CountryGirlKate) and Maria are showing their enthusiasm for our next stop lunch!

after a wonderful lunch 
we walked up 
stopping along the way 
to pose for a group shot in front of a mirror 
outside a shop

it was a really fun day
I think you can see that

water tower wednesday - sextet

on West 39th Street 
at the Hell's Kitchen Holiday Craft Flea Market 
between Ninth and Tenth 
looking South 
I looked up 
discovered what may be 
largest collection of water towers 
in one shot 
a sextet of water towers 
a six pack 
two sets of three 
four and two
five and one
you get it

monday monologue - christmas weekend recappage

I am thinking 
I have been 
cookie overload 
you know 
when you skimp on meals 
so you can indulge in cookies
thats how its been 
since Ruby sent 
oatmeal cookies 
the pan of fudge

I had the fudge with some Vermont Peanut Butter both chunky and almond butter

I had biscotti with my coffee

I've been home since Thursday evening literally eating myself into a sugar coma

Firday was spent doing almost nothing

I beautified
at Sam and Chris
made my recent hair cut look fabulous
at Polished Beauty Bar
painted my nails a happy holiday red

My sister came by on
for our annual combination Hanukkah Christmas gift exchange
she got Toonman a warm and wonderful Giants jacket
I got a diamond key, some yummy cashmere Portolano knits and a leather tote with many pockets
and an expandable bottom

Toonman and I did the no gift thing
again this year
tho I think I got everything I wanted
he's in great health vs the scary mess he was last year at this time
my baby Rose is improving daily
what more could I ask for?

(that's Rose soaking up love from her godmother Judy)

I asked for and got our special breakfast of eggs, onions and potatoes
usually its our New Year day breakfast tradition
however last year he was in hospital New Year's Day
so I asked him to make it for me
as a special Christmas day breakfast
he did

(by the time I took this photo there was almost nothing left)

It was so good

and for dinner?
we were going to order in pizza!
because we're Jewish
doesnt mean
we have to have
after my sister left
our friend
(and Rose's godmother)
Judy called,
she and her cousin Gary were in the neighborhood
could they pop in?
Of course

We were having a fun visit
wine was shared
along with lots of conversation
there's a knock on the door

its our Joseph and his lady Barbara

after introductions were made
Judy and Gary coated up
but not before trying to pass off a banana bread
a friend of Gary's had given him

We insisted he keep it
even tho it made a cute photo op

by the time
Joseph and Barbara left
it was way too late to order pizza
Toonman finished the potatoes
I had a peanut butter and fudge sandwich!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday no matter what you ate
thank you for tagging along
for being the swell comment leavers you are
gentle reader
you are the best!

waiting patiently - angelic rose

is waiting patiently 
to feel better  

She's improving slowly
This is 
a new photo of Rose
I took it a few years ago 
I had the BIG camera 
using an P&S 
so the whole photo isnt very good 
its still a favorite of mine  

She was so sweet and patient 
letting me put the bow on her 
letting me snap 
not just one 
bad photos 
I doctored this one 
but its still not good
Rose, Toonman, Jack and I 
wish you and yours 
a lovely holiday

flea market finds

that's Jill 
in the Lotus Jane kiosk 
selling Cambodian crafts  

Jill and her husband adopted 
their daughter, Jayne, 
from a village in Cambodia 
and a friend gifted Jill with a scarf made there 
which started her thinking 
how she could help women in Cambodia 
and other third world countries.  

Every item she sells is Fair Trade
by using primarily locally-sourced sustainable materials 
the women/artisans make handcrafted unique, stylish goods  
helping them to improve their lives 
those of their families.

Some of the items 
are made from recycled materials 
such as bombshells and discarded magazines.

See those bracelets?  
They are made from recycled flipflops!  

Those beads?  
Made from recycled paper!

I bought several wonderful items from Jill to be given as gifts this holiday season
You can check out the items at the GreenFlea on 77th/Columbus
 on Lotus Jayne's website 
by clicking 

three on thursday - stars bright

another angle 
to get 
the same 3 stars 
this time without old Glory 
 its an interesting shot 
if I do say so myself 
I am
I do

that building 
on Madison Avenue 
77th Street 
is very art deco 
so are those stars

Happy Hanukkah!

monday monologue - the cat did what?

Rosie spend a week at vet 
came home 
had a follow up visit this past Tuesday 
she's got chronic kidney disease 
a whole lotta meds and care but she's worth it  

then this past Friday 
3 days after her follow up 
she began acting oddly
how odd
is it for a cat
to pee
printer ?

I wondered if it was a comment on my holiday card

in any case

the printer is dead

she was 
letting me know 
she wasnt feeling all that well 

another visit to the vet on Saturday 
I diagnosed UTI and vet agreed 
I asked her to pay me 
she laughed 

I said I want a plaque in the new upstairs 
vet's been remodeling for a year now 
its a money pit 
most of the recent money has been mine  

I also got a hair, actually many hairs, 

a new less frumpy me 

A massage much needed 
tho had I known 
we'd be donating to the vet again 
I'd have passed 
I wouldnt 
I needed that massage 

I continued to beautify™
a pretty festive wine-y color with pale pink glitter nail polish
dee-vine dahling

A trip to the Flea
proved disappointing
aside from picking up my new pillowcases
from Kitty who owns and designs for
the divine chair company

the drawstring purse vendor wasnt there
so I could fulfill my offer to pick up a few
the day was freezing
I was walking fast
this stopped me

this brownstone on West 77th just across from the Green Flea
had the loveliest beribboned decorations

charming very turn of the century
with the
'gas' light

it was too cold to schlep the BIG camera
the little P&S really isnt working right
or left for that matter

A quick stop at Zabar's for a fix of their meatballs
I had some of Zabar's chicken/corn soup
I intended
only half


it was good

Oh yeah, I ordered a new printer

Thanks for coming along, as always its more fun with you

sunday shadows - 79th street at west end avenue

I love shadows
I  love the massive brick buildings 
on the Upper West Side
For now, a new Sunday theme
maybe not every Sunday 
you'll have to stop by and see

sharing with Shadow Shot Sunday

waiting patiently - ricki

I stop by to visit 
to see the wonderful 
wildlife and rural photos 
he posts  

I stopped by and learned that 
Robin's beloved dog had passed.  

I asked if I could re-post 
his photo to share with those of you 
who dont know Robin 
Ricki was such a handsome guy 
was so well loved 
he deserves to be celebrated 

Here's to a good friend who will be much missed 

flea market finds - samplers

We went to the 
(NO! they do not sell antique cars or garages)
on West 25th Street 
between Sixth and Seventh Avenues
I'd never been before 
it was interesting  
its inside a parking garage 
so it indoors 
its not heated 
so its cold 
I guess 
most collectors of such crap, 
are hot blooded 
searching through other people's cast offs
 looking for that one item really worth 

this was hanging along the ramp up into the garage 
I looked at it on the way in and on the way out 
I decided I had to share

Its a Wall O'Samplers  
I suppose 
you cut them 
what happened to actually stitching your own sampler 
with your own motto, pithy, clever, witty saying 


I guess stitching samplers went the way of the motto t-shirt
or did it?

three on thursday - drawstring bags

I could have saved 
Flea Market Finds 
I didnt  

These bags sparkle and shine  
Gold, red, turquoise blue 
Hard to decide 
Large enough to tote a ton of stuff 
stylish enough 
to go out on the town.

water tower wednesday - 23rd Street

 Whilst out and abouting 
with Shelley and Darcy 
this past weekend 
we stopped in the Flatiron District 
to get pix of the Flatiron Building

It was getting on 3 p.m. 
the sun was blessing 
this red brick building 
with a glowing kiss 
as the water towers atop looked on.  

Those windows face Fifth Avenue at 23rd Street

monday monologue - more SantaCon

I didnt realize when I was making the SantaCon collage 
that you couldnt embiggen to see the Santas
so here are a few of my favorites
 .. again .. 
no editing, just SOOTC

 there was Donna and Dance-a

 the striped sock elf & reindeer chorus line 

 the hey look she's taking our picture

and the sunglass santa wavers

I took all these Santas on the way to the Garage Flea Market on 25th between 6-7 Avenue 
that too was a bust 
we did learn about a new small flea market where we stopped 
Darcy bought her dad a carved wooden figure, 
her dad is a wood carver and collector

I took these photos
of some of the crap, er, antiques

 a Jimmy Durante figure 
with an on/off switch 
but no juice 
so we couldnt see/hear what he did 
maye it was 
Goodnight Mrs Calabash, wherever you are

 a Romanesque or Stalinesque bust someone drapped with a holiday scarf also for sale

this mannikin/manikin looks as if it was posed for on a very very cold day
he's lost his head but still has his 'slave' collar
veddy interesting 

then we decided I had to have lunch
on the window sill next to our table was
this pepper plant
with a odd sign
poking is prohibited

when it was time to head back uptown 
Darcy wondered how a NewYawker orients 
I said well I always look for this

its viewable from just about everywhere

Thanks for tagging along, it made sharing the day even more fun!

its beginning to look a lot like

This is another long post
 it might turn into two posts 
who knows 
but lets get started with my meeting 
my Blister 
(Blog+Sister = Blister)
Shelley and her pal Darcy

visiting from the Canadian West Coast  
they've spent the past week sightseeing and just plain having fun 
Saturday they included me 
a wander through Hell's Kitchen 
down into the Flatiron 
looking for artisian crafty holiday crap, treasures, on sale at holiday fairs 

 We started on 39th and Ninth at the Hell's Kitchen Holiday Market
lots of junk 
one snotty vendor 
who chastised me for exploiting their wares by taking pix vs shopping

well sir, 
Shelley shopped 
as I exploited 


 this Tibetan gentleman 
showed us this bowl when stroked makes this amazing sound  
its a yoga thing 
I think 
well I know 
Shelley teaches yoga 

She bought herself this lovely and warm Yak wool shawl 
because baby it was cold outside!

We trekked down to 25th and Seventh in search of the 
Festival junk, er, artsy fair 
Shelley had seen advertised online 

 along the way I keep seeing people 
dressed in Santa get ups 
of all sorts 
turns out it was 
 and the city was filled with Santas 
in all shapes, sizes, colors and get ups
they wandered in packs
stood in cliques
 crossed streets 
waited for taxis
waved at me
smiled at me
posed for me
 they were everywhere 
to show you how everywhere
 they were 
I did a collage
these are only the shots I liked best 
tho admittedly 
some were taken so fast that the focus is not necessarily great 

here they are unedited unsigned SOOTC for you!

there's more 
but I think I'll add it to the Monday Monologue 
just in case nothing happens on Sunday to blather about