monday monologue - christmas weekend recappage

I am thinking 
I have been 
cookie overload 
you know 
when you skimp on meals 
so you can indulge in cookies
thats how its been 
since Ruby sent 
oatmeal cookies 
the pan of fudge

I had the fudge with some Vermont Peanut Butter both chunky and almond butter

I had biscotti with my coffee

I've been home since Thursday evening literally eating myself into a sugar coma

Firday was spent doing almost nothing

I beautified
at Sam and Chris
made my recent hair cut look fabulous
at Polished Beauty Bar
painted my nails a happy holiday red

My sister came by on
for our annual combination Hanukkah Christmas gift exchange
she got Toonman a warm and wonderful Giants jacket
I got a diamond key, some yummy cashmere Portolano knits and a leather tote with many pockets
and an expandable bottom

Toonman and I did the no gift thing
again this year
tho I think I got everything I wanted
he's in great health vs the scary mess he was last year at this time
my baby Rose is improving daily
what more could I ask for?

(that's Rose soaking up love from her godmother Judy)

I asked for and got our special breakfast of eggs, onions and potatoes
usually its our New Year day breakfast tradition
however last year he was in hospital New Year's Day
so I asked him to make it for me
as a special Christmas day breakfast
he did

(by the time I took this photo there was almost nothing left)

It was so good

and for dinner?
we were going to order in pizza!
because we're Jewish
doesnt mean
we have to have
after my sister left
our friend
(and Rose's godmother)
Judy called,
she and her cousin Gary were in the neighborhood
could they pop in?
Of course

We were having a fun visit
wine was shared
along with lots of conversation
there's a knock on the door

its our Joseph and his lady Barbara

after introductions were made
Judy and Gary coated up
but not before trying to pass off a banana bread
a friend of Gary's had given him

We insisted he keep it
even tho it made a cute photo op

by the time
Joseph and Barbara left
it was way too late to order pizza
Toonman finished the potatoes
I had a peanut butter and fudge sandwich!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday no matter what you ate
thank you for tagging along
for being the swell comment leavers you are
gentle reader
you are the best!


  1. So glad you had a fabulous long Holiday weekend!
    Rose looks so content! I'm sure she was purring when the photo was taken:)

  2. It all sounds pretty wonderful! I try very hard not to do the sugar overload, but I haven't been successful. My mother-in-law makes the most fabulous chocolate fudge and peanut brittle to die for! (I tried to convince our son in Brooklyn to photograph some holiday scenes when he was off work these two days, but it didn't happen!)

  3. Your holiday weekend sounded just
    it wasn't too bad here... a touch on the warm side but that was okay since
    it kept the 6 year old outside and
    off my last nerve.. thank goodness
    for wine !!

  4. what a sweet post/weekend, Daryl!

    yes, sweet to savor those closest to us (Yay ToonMan & blog invisible Hubby!)

    Yay you, D. Yay us. YaY!

    Thanks for everything all year long sweetie

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  5. Sounds like a lovely weekend. I can relate to all those sweets... and therefore the expandable bottom. ;)

  6. It sounds like you had a great Christmas. Enjoy the rest of the year and have a wonderful 2012. Thanks so much for sharing all the great pics of New York with us. I love New York.

  7. Cyber calories are the best kind, but boy, did I drool at the thought of tasting the real thing...ah, fudge... I had friends over, two from NYC who live here, and made cheesecake for dessert....they brought pound cake and I wasn't slighted this holiday in the sugar category. Ate the last piece of cheesecake for breakfast.

    I hope we can somehow meet in 2012.

  8. Sounds like your Holiday weekend was just lovely!

    MWM and I don't buy each other Christmas gifts anymore because we have everything we need, but we do put what we would have spent on them in the holiday fund and have a weekend away with it. :)

  9. You made me smile. I promised I would make fudge on Christmas Eve and so I did. Fortunately I only had enough sugar in the house to make a small batch. I will not mention your pb and f sandwich around here because I know someone who will rush to try it. He doesn't need it anymore than I do:-)

    Diamonds, Cashmere and a leather tote? Someone spoiled you.

  10. Just can't say enough about good health. Who needs gifts when you get a great husband instead! Sugar coma... who me?

  11. Sounds like a great weekend. One of my favorite things about holidays is all the food! Yum.

  12. Yep, food was simple here too.

    The grand child was delighted so we were too.

  13. many pockets and an expandable bottom! - that's my body image ;)

    all sounds wonderful

    I was thinking of the snow storm exactly a year ago today and picturing you two off to the ER and I became so so grateful that my boyfriend is healthy and his sexy nurse is happy

    Rose looks wonderful

  14. Yes, thankful you and Toonman are both healthy. I had a quiet Christmas here. Peaceful and I also did the skimp and eat sugar thing :)

    I used to have the egg/potato/onion breakfast when I was young...over at a friend's. Love it.

  15. Save up your appetite, a restaurant -deprived CBW is comin' to town!

  16. Daryl, sounds like a perfectly yummy weekend.
    Ours was equally yummy! Isn't it nice to be decadent once in awhile!
    My sweet tooth loves it!

  17. I like the sound of that sandwich. I'm wearing a big sweater tomorrow to hide the cookie evidence that is on me. Gah.

  18. Ah, how easy (and nice) to indulge in all the goodies at this time of year!
    Sorry I didn't get to wish you Happy Hanukkah.
    All your photos are great, love the candles, the stars, the lovely Rose,and your beautiful Christmas Snowy NYC photo..making me homesick!
    Have fun with the girls when they arrive!

  19. This all sounds so wonderful Daryl, and I can so identify with the sugar "issues."
    So glad that Rose is doing better.
    She is just beautiful!

  20. We had Christmas Pizza this year, it was wonderful!
    Glad you had a good, sugar filled weekend :)

  21. Sounds wonderful. Truly, by the first week in January, I've had it with the sweets. Mr. BFR and I don't exchange gifts, we spend our money on family and friends.

  22. A peanut butter and fudge sandwich!!!! did you at least have multi-grain bread haha! I thought I was bad with the mountain of trifle I ate (and I was) but eh, what you gonna do!! it's Christmas! Sounds like you had a wonderful day Daryl and just the fact that Toonman was A ok would have made it extra special.

  23. Daryl:

    Thank you for the nice surprise in your card to us! You know what a fan I am, so it meant a lot to me. And I've been something of a slug in not thanking you before now!



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