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When I first started posting, Rose decided that if I could blog, so could she. She didnt get many comments back then so she asked me if I would re-post her post and I said sure .. after all Mia and Siren have posted their own posts at Forks Off The Moment ... and I am going to link this to Pet Pride

nd so without further ado .. here's Rosie!

I dont see why if she can do this, I cant

I think this needs to move

WHAT? I am working here!

Her handwriting is hard to read.

toonsday - yo!

monochrome monday

Font sizeAnother wonderful wrought iron staircase
This one is on East 79 St

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summer stock sunday/random strangers

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Summer is about gardens,
either elevated over city streets
in one's own backyard.

This past Fridaycation™,
I went to wander The High Line,
(more of those pix this Thursday in the Hood
with Elizabeth Wix of About New York.

We paused to watch this High Line gardener at work.

She, in turn, paused to chat with us
allowed me to take her photo.

EDITED to say: My back has been wonky, so I apologize for not visiting/commenting .. I am not permitted to sit for long ..

waiting, impatiently

Font sizeIn New York City busy working dog owners employ dog walkers.
This dog walker and his charges
were waiting for the light to change
at the corner of 79th and Columbus
on the afternoon of April 22

postcard friendship friday

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My mail box
it lives just before the corner of
West End Avenue at West 79th St
I pass it on the way to the bus stop
tossing in our bills and Netflix envelopes

my sky

This week
we're standing on
Broadway at W 79th Street
looking north
at the insanely early hour of 7 a.m.

Edited to confess.. it turns out this photo was taken in October which is why its so dark at 7 a.m. DUH.

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thursday in the hood

A few weeks ago Robin (of Around the Island)
directed me to a blog
where this photo was posted
she asked me where in Manhattan it was.

Well, I knew kind of where
because I had walked past it many times
on my way home from a former job
I could not remember what street it was on!

This past Friday, the first of my summer Fridaycations
(I am taking Fridays off all summer .. whooo hooo)
I headed down to Fifth Avenue at 52nd St for a hair cut
after which I was going to head downtown to
The High Line
(I didnt get to The High Line but I am going tomorrow, stayed tuned for pix of that)

On my way I passed this
(51st btwn Madison/Fifth)
Seeing it, reminded me of Robin's request
and so the hunt for that waterfall park was on!

I wandered up and down streets in the 50s between Fifth & Sixth Avenues
while walking up 51st St I saw a security guard outside
CBS's offices in Rockefeller Center
I asked if she knew where the park was
She didn't.
she thought one of the other guards did.
He didnt.

The third time is always the charm
Tom, the concierge at CBS, thought it was 'around the corner'.
I thanked them all
(no one wanted to be photographed for my blog tho they were all incredibly nice)

I decided to play a hunch and walked down to 49th St

The plaza/park between Sixth & Seventh Avenues
was blocked off for construction
I could see water falling!

So I walked 'round to 48th Street and voila!

As you can see
due to the construction
the plaza/park is denuded of its normal potted plants,
tables, & chairs

That didnt stop me from taking a few interesting shots

Looking up through the glass

ooking up at the water

Who doesnt love bubbles?

FYI Blogger Problem

In the event anyone other than me schedules posts to ''post ahead'' ... on a specific day or time .. please know that function is not working ..

After two posts I set up to 'post ahead' didnt, I visited the oh so poorly run Google Blogger Help .. and asked WTF was up and here's the reply (which amazingly I got after a mere hour!)

Bilal Aslam has posted an answer to the question "Post Ahead Not Working":

Scheduled posts are officially not working so you don't need to worry, take it easy. Blogger team would definitely fix that soon.

I have to wonder how condescending he would have been if my question had been phrased more like a pissed off New Yawker vs the nice way I did pose it.

wordless wednesday

happy birthday

Lillian Krohnengold Singer
June 23, 1915 - March 6, 2001

The top photo is of Mom at a street fair, probably in the early 1990s and the black & white shot was taken when she was pregnant with me in the late 1940s.

toonsday - where she contemplates

television whine

I dont normally do this but ...

Last night after the Open was over for the day and we'd had dinner ... we turned on the TV ... there was nothing on.


On NBC (channel 4 here in NYC) there was the premiere of a new series called Merlin.

Well I am a lover of anything Camelot so I decided to see what it was about.

Perhaps had I read something about it before clicking over to NBC I might not have watched.

Its begins with this nice young man walking towards a town ... there's a voice over explaining this is young Merlin on his way to Camelot ... what?????

Merlin on the way to Camelot as a teen? WTF?

Anyone who has ever read Mary Stewart's trilogy about Merlin and Arthur or T.H. White's Once and Future King knows that Merlin did not come to Camelot til he was an adult.

If the writers of this disrespectful re-telling of Merlin and Arthur read either of those authors, they would know that Uther Pendragon fathered Arthur but he was taken from his mother moments after birth, and raised as a commoner til he found his way to Camelot and pulled the sword, Excalibur, from the stone.

In this version Arthur is a spoiled teen aged prince who lives with his father, Uther, and his father's ward Morgan ( WTF? Morgan was evil and tried to lure him away from Guinievre, who by the way, in this version is the handmaid to Morgan!)


Teen aged Merlin is a warlock and is told by a dragon that Uther has imprisioned in a cave beneath the castle (and what a cave it is, its deeper than the Grand Canyon, that's some amazing foundation to the castle which looks modern in some shots and ancient in others .. did you ever see a castle with wall to wall carpeting or a chess piece statue in the 'hallway'?) that he, Merlin, is meant to guard Arthur, to help him become a great king and keep the bad guys at bay ..

I turned it off after Merlin told Arthur to tell Uther that Knight Valiant (I swear!) was using magic to win sword fights ... Knight Valiant's shield had 3 snakes on it which came alive and bit the opposing knight ...

Seriously .. I am so insulted I am going to find out who wrote this crap and send then T.H. White's book ..

monochrome monday

Thursday, June 18, 2009, 7:12 A,M.
the rain falling on the street fascinated me.

I apologize for not sticking to the pure monochrome format

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waiting, impatiently

Usually the pups I shoot
are sitting anxiously
awaiting the return of their person/people.

This time
I didn't see the waiting part
but I was there when
this lucky dog was greeted by his person
with a hug and got a lick in return
after waiting

postcard friendship friday

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This beautiful card depicting the God Ganesh
was tucked into a gift
my boss and his wife brought me
from their trip to India this past December.

my sky

Looking south down Broadway
from 79th Street
one morning a few months ago

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thursday in the hood

when Virgin Records Megastore in Union Square
(dont you wonder what will happen to this 'art' that welcomed record hunters?)
closed for business on Sunday, June 14

This note was on the door:

The Virgin Megastore is closed forever
The music industry is dead, but
the music is doing just fine.

this photo by Jeff Baum

the way they were

Today, June 16th, would have been my late parents 65th wedding anniversary.

The top photo was taken the weekend they met (at another couple's wedding)

I took the photo of them with their 50th wedding anniversary cake.

There's a bride & groom on top because Mom told me
they didn't have a wedding cake at their wedding reception.

She never had a bride & groom keepsake.
I bought the happy little couple at a cookware shop;
it still sits where Mom put it
on a shelf in her beloved breakfront.


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