monochrome/thematic/odd shot/ monday

Took this last month after a snow fall ... its the back exit door on the M104
Its a monochrome, its odd and it is, in my opinion, "Drab" which fits
Carmi's Thematic Photographic #42 .. and Authorblog's The Doors theme

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thanks, Erin! amended

this wonderful cap arrived this morning .. its from Erin in Roanoke (which is what it says tho its reversed because I used PhotoBooth to take it) .. I cant find your email or blog link .. I apologize .... I love this cap, the peak is perfect .. the color is ME! Husband is not even being offered a chance to wear it .. thank you, thank you, thank you ...

And I cleaned the closet ... purged a lot of stuff I didnt even know was there ... found some sweet love notes Husband sent me when he was in Iowa working on a film a long time ago .. found retirement package papers from a job I had eons ago .... found old photos and other memorabilia including a playbill from an off Broadway show we went to in 1993, neither of us remembers it at all, it was written by Alan Ball (writer of Six Feet Under among other things) 'starring' Alison Janney and Thomas Gibson (among others, none of whose names I recognize) ... I have a ton of shredding of old documents to do and a lot of old handbags/purses I am needing to find new homes for ... but what I didnt find was where those fucking insidious little white moths are coming from ... THEY were what prompted this SO unlike me burst of housekeeping.

Oh .. I found some old knitting needles .. anyone want them?

So now I am going to get beautified™ and let me tell you .. I need it ..

Now I am back and I know who sent me the cap .. if you havent read The Good Life in Virginia .. you should. The latest posts are photos taken a trip to Italy and its like being there .. so go be there!

Thematic Photographic Series #42 - Drab

Thematic Photographic Series #42 - Drab - for more 'drab' visit Carmi's Written Inc.

no parking?

Spotted this on Tuesday morning
as I headed to the periodontist.
It was parked legally on Central Park South just off Columbus Circle

from Canada with love

Yesterday, Thursday, Husband found a notice from the post office saying they'd tried to deliver a package at 7:30 A.M. Monday morning but no one was home.

Well, Husband was home but the mail carrier waits one nano sec before leaving a pick up notice so today Husband went to the post office and retrieved this package.

When I got home I ripped casually opened the package as I read the label
it was from Aims who writes such moving posts at Big Blue Barn West ..
and inside were these hand knit navy blue heart stitched wool lined slippers!
Oh my bob .. I couldnt wait to try them on ...
When I slipped my foot inside the thrumming nested my foot so nice and softly and yet something was hard and cold .. what could it be?
A key ring with a fleur de lis with sparkly 'diamonds' from New Orleans.
Aims and I share a deep love for N'awlins so this has very special meaning for me.
And there was a handwritten note .. arent those sunflowers pretty?
The card says a lot of things but the best part is the way she signed it:
Happy To Be Friends.
Aims, I thank you so much this amazing gift & I am SO happy to be friends too.

your move

this is a chess/checker board etched into a (some hard stone) table top
in Jerome Park in the Bronx

my sky

West 79th Street looking east
7 A.M. some morning not long ago

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purple day - support epilepsy awareness

You may have noticed I have colored text purple ... its in support of epilepsy awareness

On March 26 (today), people are asked to wear purple to support epilepsy awareness. Purple Day was started by nine year old Cassidy Meagan of Nova Scotia, Canada in 2008 to help increase awareness about epilepsy world wide.

If you want to learn more about epilepsy please click here for the Purple Day site. I learned about Purple Day on Michele's, Carver's & Bobbie's blogs

thursday in the hood supplementary post

in the window of Surroundings
a flower shop on Broadway/78-79th Streets
in the shops on the ground floor of the Apthrop
these are sort of for Chesapeake Bay Woman

thursday in the hood

this past weekend there was a "warehouse" sale at
Plaza Too shoe shop on Broadway at 79th Street

I got these peep toe black canvas lowish wedge Andre Assous espadrilles for $15
& an adorable beaded clutch bag for $25 ...
I helped the economy!

waiting, impatiently

while waiting for the light to change
at the corner of 82nd & Columbus
these two big babies made friends

harmony day

In Australia, March 21st is Harmony Day
Bobbie who blogs at Almost There brought the idea of joining in
to her reader's attention.
Harmony Day promotes the concept of
respect, fairness and a sense of belonging
for everyone.
I think its a logical step toward peace .. we should all embrace it
If you'd like to learn more, click here.

i love it

Recently I admired a piece that my friend, the artist & blogger,
was working on.
I left her a comment saying I loved it and wanted it.
It arrived on Thursday
I immediately had Husband help re-arrange my other art

And we moved the other pieces a little to the left,
a little to the right
and made room for it right in the middle
So when I am sitting at my desk I can look up and there it is.

look at these .. how cool!

This one has already found its perfect spot ...

These are still being tried out in various locations
in our kitchen and as 'coasters' or 'hot plates' on the coffee table

Where did they come from?

Well, remember that Swap I participated in?

One of my swap partners favorite things was a cookbook, well I dont cook ... and I said that in my Swap recap post ... another Swapper, Janie at SuperHotMama'sHouse, read my whine post and said how much she envied me getting that cookbook ... so I said 'its yours' ... and she said 'lets swap .. how about if I make you a couple of decorative tiles?'

And the rest, including a new blog friendship, is history ... and those are the tiles she painted herself, baked/fired and then sent me .. and I am just so tickled to have them. Check out her craft blog too .. SuperCoolCrafts

wordless wednesday


Saturday, March 14, 2009 1:30 PM

the doors

French doors
the recently renovated Apartment 4E
this is not our apartment!
Saturday, October 4, 2008 3:15 PM

NO, not the rock group ... the photos
David at Authorblog started it ...

waiting, impatiently

outside Circuit City during its final sales/closeout
80th Street/Broadway
Friday, February 27, 2009 4:00 PM

my sky

Riverside Park
Thursday, February 26, 2009 7:05 AM

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thursday in the hood

Ah Trader Joe's ... at long last THE store everyone of my NON NYC friends have raved about forever arrived in the Union Square area about 2 yrs ago. Since then I have wanted to go, to see, to shop .. to indulge in Two Buck Chuck (wine) .. their free trade coffee, their specialty items .. their everything.

Saturday, February 14th I did.

And it was insane.

Its a SMALL store.

To get to the check out counters there is a line/queue of people with carts and/or carriers filled with all manner of good stuff. It snakes up, down and around through the aisles where others are trying (emphasis on trying) to shop.

I tried, I swear I did. After wiggling my way between queued shoppers and shelves of, well, that is part of the problem, I couldnt see what was there because the people were in way. Oblivious as only a New Yorker can be of something they dont want to acknowledge.

It was not worth the stress because it there is a much closer to home, the easier to shop at Whole Foods in Columbus Circle and within a 5 block walk of my apartment there is Fairway, Citarella, and Zabars.

Who needs that stinkin' Trader Joe's?


Re: The woman with the baby

The following conversation took place via Email yesterday between my BFF and me.

Prior to this conversation she had asked me about someone - the woman with the baby - who had been subletting an apartment in our building from a couple who we refer to as 'the Italians' as they are from Italy. I hope this makes somewhat more sense now ... it begins with her Email to me ...

So we ran into the Italian tenant this afternoon. Apparently the woman with the baby was his mother! She was here with her boyfriend.

Well there was a nanny but there was no man staying here ...

Yes I know. His mother had a nanny for the baby. I am not sure where the boyfriend was.
That sort of flew by me

Not here

But how old was this mystery woman? Did you ever see her?

No. Ray did. I asked him; he said 'late 40s' ... I said 'with an infant?'

and he said 'maybe, maybe late 30s', I dont know' ..

so there you have it .. the only witness and he has zero observation skills

Oh my God! LOL!!!

Okay. So I am re-reading our exchange with an eye to making it a blog post .. and I realized you are confused.

FIRST there was the single woman with the baby and nanny

THEN there was the Italian's mother with HER boyfriend .. I think this may have become intertwined in translation

Now I am confused. There were two women staying here at different times? The woman with the baby and THEN the mother with her boyfriend?
They were not one and the same?


OH! Well that makes sense. HIS mother with a baby was a little weird.