in the distance

west 79th street 
looking east 
west end avenue

the water tower
off in the distance
 is atop a building 
 amsterdam avenue

two blocks away

yes, i cooked

i f you can call frying an egg cooking
the occasion
buying this little frypan

i am pretty sure
 its meant to fry an egg
to make crepes?

i can make scrambled eggs

'pancake' eggs
 thats really an omelet
 my mom called it a pancake 

so it is

my dad loved sunnyside up eggs
its what he called a fried egg

so it is

 when you mash the english muffin down
the yellow gushes out

the best part for me was always 
sopping up the 'yellow'

the yellow is what we called the yoke

so it is


we were in a cab stopped at the 86th & b'way intersection toonman says look

looking up

its an interesting little grouping
the church turret 
the water tower
that chimney
the 'steps' of that building

all as seen from the bus stop on 79th/broadway

take a break ...

spotted resting on the church steps
a usually very busy corner
for the moment

 if you look hard you'll see it wasnt

joy on broadway

sculpter joy brown's 
fabulous whimsical creations
 will be bringing smiles this spring/summer
Broadway Malls hosting them from 72 St to 168 St

i shared one of her smaller pieces 

hiding ...

see it there?
that building is going up on the corner of 80th and broadway
just what the 'hood needs another tall building

from the cab window


began early
ended late

4+ cab rides
a doctor visit
a vet visit
large glass of wine


was my monthly spa day
it rained
constantly rained


i did
the errands
the laundry


back to real work
looks like a vacation


stella is my friend melissa bff
dont you love her little skeezix curl?\

she's a fierce defender of everyone she feels belongs to her
such a smart girl

what you're too young to know who skeezix is?
gasoline alley cartoon strip 
google it


(apparently i forgot to post this last night)
view of the manhattan skyline from new jersey

gotta love the amazing architecture
especially that oddly wonderful 'sail' shaped building
its durst organization's  via 57 west

the view from new jersey

this past weekend 
my friend melissa and i 
went to ikea

 its hard to go there 
 for whatever it is you need
so much 
you suddenly think 
you need

i went to find replacement dishes
ended up 
the dishes
 a mug 
two whisks 
(and i think there was something else but i forget)

i also got to see her new apartment
when we drove back toward manhattan
we stopped at one of the overlook points
that's what we saw

i edited it a teensy bit 

magic hour

this was the view
8:20PM last week
toonman's hospital room window
looking down on
amsterdam avenue at 113th street

in addition
mount sinai st luke's hospital
 the area known as
morningside heights
 also home to 
columbia university
 barnard college
cathedral of st john the divine

posie post

imported from new jersey

direct to the columbus avenue farmers market

lilacs are blooming

i bought 
begonias and fushia

we get 
very little 
direct sunlight
i know 
begonias will thrive
fushia is new for me 
so fingers crossed!

 i am thinking 
should have taken this photo 
from outside 
oh well

Tonka, you will be missed ...

my friend james
had to say goodbye
 his best friend tonka

he will be sorely missed by many

thank you

thank you
 everyone who left a get well comment
 it is much appreciated

 i promise to reply to each of your emails
 as soon as 
toonman is home

til then
here's a shot 
i took
 on the ride home
 tuesday evening

wordy post ahead

recently toonman hasnt been well
he gave me permission to 'discuss'
(not his word)
 his whatsgoin' on

decided to do it tonite because
i spent the last 4-5 hours in emergency

 i should start at the beginning

toonman has chronic kidney disease
has had for 12 yrs or so
only over the last 6 months
he's had concerning symptoms

at the end of february
 he was terribly anemic he spent 4 days in hospital
 dialysis was seriously discussed
 his #s were stable so
in preparation he had a fistula created
a natural made from your own blood vessels 'port' for dialysis 

it takes least 8 weeks for a fistula  be 'usable'
we knew
 he'd have to start dialysis sooner


3 weeks ago
this wednesday morning
he had a catheter implanted below his clavicle
2 hours later
he began dialysis
he goes
3 times a week 3+hrs a 'seating'

he felt so much better

he went to dialysis on his own
(i had been going with him) 
he even took the bus

 when he got home
caught up on our days
had some dinner
 he began coughing
 as the evening went on it got worse
 of course 
i told him to take something to have tea or something
 of course 
he ignored me

he sat up all night coughing
 when i left for the office
he'd fallen asleep sitting up in bed

around 2pm
 he called me
he sounded horrible
 i called the doctor
who said
get him into the hospital 
so i did

the jury is out on what is causing
high fever
strong coughing
  frightening shortness of breath

they agree its an infection
 is it pneumonia

 more blood for more tests
maybe an answer tomorrow

thats the long of it
if you didnt read it all
 thats okay
 i needed to tell it
 i can relax with a cup of tea a joint and my cats

more tulips

i wondered last week 
the city got a discount on tulip bulbs

they're everywhere 
brightening the city

these are in the window box 
a building on my street

i think
 the tenant works in the floral industry
there are always 
gorgeous flowers 
exquisite foliage

those are multi petal'd
of the
parrot or french

i googled both and cant decide


a few weekends ago
toonman wondered if we could have waffles or pancakes

i reminded him there was no pancake mix

we dont do from scratch

we had no waffle iron

it was the next day 
 it was later the same day
i bought 
a waffle maker on amazon

next time i went to the market
i bought waffle mix
i bought maple syrup

sunday morning
we finally opened the box
read the instructions
made our very first waffles

here we've assembled the necessary ingredients
the photo is out of focus i think i need to stand stiller

one cup of batter - check

set the waffle maker

green light!
(in a national speedway voice)

the very first waffle
not enough batter
under cooked

we determined
next time 
set it on high
make enough batter

tasted good 
being very sad looking

syrup made it taste even better
notice there's no butter
i am a purist
i forgot