zeke and shadow

walking up from the subway on friday afternoon
 i couldn't help but notice
 these two gorgeous pups

 i stopped
 i asked the young man holding them
 if i could take a photo 

he said

 i crouched down 
you know
 as soon
 as you crouch
 in front of a dog 
 nose in your face

 we got them to sit 
 no sooner did i get them in frame 
 zeke decided
sniff me

 it was useless to try
 tho i did
 to get another shot or two
 they just were more interested in me 
than in being photographed for my blog

a new trick

Your cat pulled the untoasted English muffin half out of the toaster and was chewing on it by the scratch-box…   this is not a good trick!

MY cat????????

The one with the really long hair...

well  .. I hope you gave him a smack and that you remember he’s a thief and don’t leave food anywhere unattended  …

The muffin was IN THE TOASTER!!!

participating in Weekly Top Shot


 the subway etiquette signage 
this dude 
 that whole side of the train for himself
 trust me
 when others sat beside him
 he did not rein it in

men like him 
truly obnoxious
during rush hour

thanks to Hilary for a POTW nod
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everyone's talking

about the weather
 we're lucky here in nyc
we havent had the horrific snow
 other parts of new england have had
 the insane low temps of the midwest
hitting 1 with a windchill of negative numbers
 has given us 
the dubious distinction
 breaking the record set back
 who cares 
 how cold
 it is

 when its cold
 damn it 
its cold 

i dont see
minus 15 differs from minus 1

 its frickin' cold
 stay in

  we had snow falling
 saturday most of the afternoon into the night
 it turned to sleet
 it warmed up

warming up
 something to be glad about
the warm
 let things melt enough
 to turn to ice 
the warm wasn't so warm

 i did my saturday erranding
 hie'd it home
 sit on the couch with toonman
 under the fabulous mohair throw
 my friend hilary at crazy as a loom made 
watching shows 
we recorded earlier in the week 

 i went out
 braved the slush lakes at the intersections 
knowing full well 
monday morning
 walking to the subway
 would be treacherous

 got beautified
 then home
 stay in
 the sun
 made me want to go to the park to take pix 
no trekking 
no park photo ops

just these 
 on the way 


 the lack of focus

this was taken
 the weekend after christmas

 after getting to midtown
 i reached for my phone
 to snap
 some pix
the holiday decorations
 the stores along 57th street

no phone
turns out
 my phone
 my friend donna
 offered her's 

i am not going to blame it on her photo app
 i am fessing up

 i was
snapping away

 doing that
 a blurry
 not focused 

 my bad

long long story short, promise

i had a taste 
a bad taste
what its like to be a victim of identity theft 

long long story short 

i got an email from my cable provider
 they were implementing
 the changes to my account
 i made


 i didnt make no changes
 no changes were made by moi 

two telephone conversations later
a 3rd receiver 
spanish language versions of several premium channels
 were removed 

a second password 
was added

 i still dont understand 
someone knew i had that provider
 had my home phone and/or address 
the only security used
to identify a subscriber

not any more

 i also worry
 what else this person knows or plans to do 

i feel very violated

oh muse where'd ya go

here muse
 here muse
 come on
 be sweet 
come here

 i have nothing to share
 the only worth repeating moment 
 my husband trying to find a specific pair of leggings in my closet

 the dry cleaner messed up 
 do not
 down the front
i wasn't going to be home when they came to pick them up
 i called and asked my wonderful husband to find them
 he said
 they all look the same

 he did find them 
they were the ones 
the two 'gold' faux zippers near the waist
 they were the ones
 the crease

 i think tho he didnt say
 i think he was appalled 
 the number of leggings and jeans
 as he did remark
 they all look alike
 they're all black

 thats not true
 i have
 navy black dark green gray and patterned jeans 
black gray loden green leggings
they are all i wear 
at the office too

weekend recappage

well lets see 
i left early on friday
 not as early as i would have liked
 had to wait on my computer upgrade 
ended up
 not getting the new computer 
 something too complicated
 something too boring

i left early
 dropped dry cleaning off 
went to the eyeman got new glasses
 had my hair done 

saturday was valentine's day
 i dont know about you and your special someone 
toonman is my valentine every day 
he is truly the best part of me 
you are my everything my honey

 okay mushy stuff over

 friends were in town
 from the icebox that is boston
 a burb of boston thats just as icy snowy

 we went to brunch
 he's a blogger who goes by suldog
 he and HIS WIFE come to town in february 
when her brother goes out of town 
they camp out in his place in brooklyn 
 they trek into manhattan
spend a few hours with us

 i told him
 he gives me 
one more reason to look forward to february

 our friend andrew joined us
 we went to hi life a comfortable neighborhood eatery
 suldog treated us all to a yummy brunch

 back to our place 
for some conversation
 the three cats gave HIS WIFE respiratory issues 

a brutally cold day in nyc
i bundled up
got my weekly mani/pedi
did my weekly zabars shop
spent the rest of the day indoors

 (today as you read this)
 is a holiday
my office is closed 
presidents day
i am
going to brunch with my friend blondie

i hope you are having a nice long weekend 
did you do anything special for/with your valentine?

dog walkers

this was taken
 a few mornings ago
 on my way to the 72nd street subway

 this couple
was out with their dog 
very early

 they were
 very into each other 
 their dog
 seemed to be inspecting
 the snow piles
you know
they love 
checking out 
who else has been there

friday eve sunset

around here we think of thursday as friday eve
took this on the walk from the subway
wishing the zoom on the iphone was better

what's new

aside from the obvious
the weather
 its the northeast
 its february
 get over it 

so this week
 the opening of the new cafeteria happened
a distracton from the weather

 no more schlepping
 no more 
have to get to fairway
 have to get lunch stuff

 no more


here's the salad i had for lunch wednesday 


a much edited photo of the caf's check out area
 the reflection perspective teases

wednesday with words

a wintery sky
 that's the belleclaire 
there with the fancy facade
 its a hotel 
it used to be an apartment building

 that steam
 from a building behind the water tower building 
they're all on broadway at 76-77 streets

i uploaded a lot of photos
 facebook and twitter
 the newly opened cafeteria 
the food is great
 the place is really beautiful 
its on the 36th floor 
taking up the whole floor
there are lots of gorgeous views 

the best part
after 4 months of brown bagging 
i no longer
 have to think ahead 
 breakfast and lunch
 i now have
 another option
 another source
bringing home something
my dinner
yeah me!

so this weekend

my birthday was saturday
 i spent the morning pampering myself 
massage facial hair blow out 
literally do nothing

 we ordered in dinner from island burgers and shakes
 i love
 the churasco
(chicken sandwiches)
 the fries are amazing
 also some grilled asparagus
toonman had a burger 

he also baked me a cake
 you know
 i think you know
 we bake cakes from mixes on our birthdays 
i mean
 on his i bake him a cake
 on mine he bakes me a cake
 and by usually 
i mean
 for the past 37 or so years
 its been chocolate with chocolate icing

 earlier in the week
 toonman asked me
 what kind of cake i might like
 i was surprised
 he's never asked before
 i said
 i would think about it 

on my way home wednesday
 i think it was wednesday
 i stopped at fairway
 thinking they'd have
 more varied
 selection of cake mixes
 westside market


i spotted a carrot cake mix
 i looked to see what the icing selection offered
cream cheese icing 

of course
 i bought them

 even tho the icing was very soft loose
 toonman managed to get the cake iced nicely
so it wasn't a cake you'd post a photo of on pinterest 
 it was yummy
 lets face it
 cakes should be tasty 
 photo op worthy

i think 
someone else
 on the block

on sunday
 my sister and i 
 to have lunch with our friend judy 
we went to a place called southwestny
its on the corner of albany and south end avenue in battery park city 
the food was good
the company was even better

three amigas

this route vs that route

thursday morning
 i decided to see 
the walk 
 fulton street to the office
 was like 

i did it
the street 
 the path entrance and washington
 being blocked off 
 due to falling ice 

 its a longer walk
i had to detour
 fulton to church to vesey

fulton is still closed off
 due to the ongoing construction
 church and west streets 

on the upside
 the streets
 leading to the office
 weren't closed off 

i guess
 all the ice that was there to fall

this is the uptown subway entrance at 79th and broadway
 i dont use this station
i dont go down those stairs
 those stairs 
 the ones 
i fell down 

 they weren't shoveled after it snowed

second time 
my heel caught the treads on the stairs
 next to the bannister/railing
 are worn unevenly


a long story short

no good deed goes unpunished 
said my #1 boss 
his brother asked me
 locate the owner of a mobile
 on the street 
where he lives in soho

 sure i'll do it 

the short version is
 the owner eventually called the phone
he would pick it up from security in the lobby
during our last call his phone minutes ran out
 the call dropped
  i called him back using the number on the caller list 
got his home address
mailed it off wednesday afternoon 

initially searching the phone for leads
the names in his address book
 i opined
might he be a terrorist
i decided 
 just a poor immigrant 
from a third world country 
who lost his ancient flip phone

 i asked his address
he said
2465 Valentine Avenue 

i said
 in the bronx

he said

 i smiled to myself 
my grandparents
 lived on 
valentine avenue 
in the bronx

wednesday wednesday

 i was walking to the subway
 tuesday evening 
 i had to find a water tower photo to use the next day

 my normal route
 from the office
up vesey
 left on west broadway
 up to 
either park place or chambers
 on my mood
 how much walking i feel like doing
 how much fresh air do i need after a day indoors 

 tuesday night
 vesey was blocked off between washington and west broadway 
i detoured 
 west broadway

 by then
 i decided
 park place was my go to 

just as i got to the top of the street 
just before i started down the stairs
 i looked up 


 two water towers 

weekend wrap up

weather fascinates me
 its unpredictable
 even the forecasters
 several different 'models' 
 whats coming

thats the excuse
blizzard juno 
zipping away
new york city
new england

 tho after deflate gate
 i suspect
 it was something
 they had coming

 back in the early 2000s
 how florida got slammed
 3 times
 horrific hurricanes

nature's payback
 the election debacle of 2000 

i am still waiting to see
 how the supreme court
 gets paid back
 for its part in that


 i won't go there
 i will go back to discussing 
the weather

 the skies
 so amazing
 so threatening 
so beautiful  

 how cold a blue sky can feel
 how the sun hasnt got a chance
 warming things
 the winds are icy blasts 

 was milder
 less frigid
 less windy 
also less sunny
 gray skies vs blue

the stupid bowl
 being played in warmer climes 
will keep many at home glued to their televisions
 in our house
record the game
 give it a half hour or so
 to get rolling
can fast forward
 through the dull stuff 

 that includes commercials
 during the stupid bowl
 the commercials 
are part of the entertainment

 the snow thats coming sunday evening
 will turn to sleety rain 
my trek downtown
 less enjoyable
hey whatcha gonna do

as someone once said
 if you dont like the weather wait a few minutes it will change