everyone's talking

about the weather
 we're lucky here in nyc
we havent had the horrific snow
 other parts of new england have had
 the insane low temps of the midwest
hitting 1 with a windchill of negative numbers
 has given us 
the dubious distinction
 breaking the record set back
 who cares 
 how cold
 it is

 when its cold
 damn it 
its cold 

i dont see
minus 15 differs from minus 1

 its frickin' cold
 stay in

  we had snow falling
 saturday most of the afternoon into the night
 it turned to sleet
 it warmed up

warming up
 something to be glad about
the warm
 let things melt enough
 to turn to ice 
the warm wasn't so warm

 i did my saturday erranding
 hie'd it home
 sit on the couch with toonman
 under the fabulous mohair throw
 my friend hilary at crazy as a loom made 
watching shows 
we recorded earlier in the week 

 i went out
 braved the slush lakes at the intersections 
knowing full well 
monday morning
 walking to the subway
 would be treacherous

 got beautified
 then home
 stay in
 the sun
 made me want to go to the park to take pix 
no trekking 
no park photo ops

just these 
 on the way 


  1. Nothing like Spring in NYC!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  2. Yup, gross to the max. I can't believe the difference between the West Coast and the East winter this year. At the home and garden expo, some guy called me over to shine my red leather shoes. Seriously, he was selling some water repellent bee's wax turpentine natural concoction. Then he poured a few drops of water over my shoe and the water beaded and so he said I needed it in Vancouver...at $20 for one $35 for two or $45 for three pots. I politely declined but wonder if that might have been nice for you. Although I imagine with salt in the shush puddles, and indeed SLUSH PUDDLES, would have been too much for any product except maybe fishing overalls...the kind with the huge boots. Hang in there, I'm sure spring is just around the corner. X

  3. We had a bit of a warmup over the weekend, not over the freezing mark but getting there. Now the temps have dropped yet again deep into the icebox.

  4. Yup.. unpleasant for sure. We have lots of snow.. but we're doing the same roller coaster weather.. just nowhere near warm enough to melt anything. Yet.

  5. The sun is out, the sky is blue, icicles at the windows, and the temperature is Loooow... stay warm!

  6. I don't mind all of the snow, but these temps have to go!!
    By the time you put on enough layers to keep you comfortable (safe!), you cannot even walk. xo.

  7. The damp cold is the worst! Keep warm.


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