visiting eleanor

After being beautified™ at Salon AKS 
Saturday afternoon 
 I joined Toonman on a walk
Riverside Drive

 He with the FLIP 
 me and my Point/Shoot. 

the path splits 
you can go to the Boat Basin
down the path
under the overpass

past the basketball courts

past the promenade 
with its 
benches and checkerboards

the path splits

 one way goes to the dog run
we choose the other fork
where this water fountain 
has a sweet dedication

the first lilacs I've seen this season

sparrow in a tree

a beautiful statue of
Eleanor Roosevelt

72nd Street

On the walk back 
we stopped in at my sister's 
(aka SILESQ)
she gave me these 

the $$ went to the breast cancer site
thanks, SILESQ!
they fit!

waiting patiently

three on thursday

The premise of Earth Day is a good one.  
I dont think it should be a single day in April .. 
it should be every day
every nice day, 
on rainy ones stay in 
plan for a sunny day
Get out there
hug a tree
breathe in deeply
dont forget to exhale!
plant some seeds, some bulbs
remember to take time
to smell the flowers
you can smell the coffee when you get home


I wonder if a tree is felled on Riverside Drive
 if their number is retired
reassigned to a sapling?  
What, you ask, 
made me wonder 
even think about such an 
esoteric or is it existential thought?  

During our walk Sunday 
as we strolled down Riverside Drive
 on the Park side 

I noticed this

I walked closer to see who was nailing things to a living tree

It was a numbered disc

No. 437 is near 83rd Street 
its not between  No. 436 or No. 438, 
I believe - 
dont hold me to this my brain is leaking and I am not as annoyingly positive as I once was
 - it was next to No. 439

Trees are branded, but why?

What are you wondering about this Wednesday?

Edited to add:  I Googled tree tags and while there was nothing specific about Riverside Drive's trees, I found this .. click here

sunday in the park with Toonman

Sunday was a truly perfect day.  
Sunshine, warm breezes.  
A perfect day for a walk.

Toonman set the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at 90th Street
as his walking objective

to get there and back
would be a

We walked through Riverside Park
 along the promenade 
past the 
Community Gardens

If you want to see all the beautiful flowers and flowering trees I saw, 
you need to go 

At 89th Street there is a long and winding road, er, path
leading up .. up.. up 

 up.. up..

to the stairs, all 21 of them

they bring you to the base of the monument on Riverside Drive

where Toonman used the FLIP
(thanks, SIL)

to record the walk
by then the skies werent quite so sunny

nevertheless it was a perfect afternoon
I hope you enjoyed the walk,
come on over to
to see more.

Twelve Oaks Bakery

Another internet company 
not compensating me in any way is 

They do all the leg, er, finger work hunting down deals on and off line
(as well as all sort and  manner of other internet-y stuff) 
One day they offered 
Cake Bites 
(they didnt pay me either!)
I read about Caroline and Katherine's new business 
ordered some to be delivered April 23 at 4 p.m.

Saturday afternoon at precisely 4 p.m.
our doorbell
there stood
holding the bag, 

We introduced ourselves,
shook hands, 
exchanged pleasantries.

I took possession of the bag
off she went to deliver
more treats to happy clients

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake Bites
 standing in for 
traditional Easter eggs 
a lot tastier

things are looking

Its been a long week
no bread;
lets not even discuss what happens when you eat matzoh all week


Now its Good Friday 
Sunday is Easter
back to work Monday
the days fly by

Don't you wish
once in a while
they would
just paddle slowly
wouldn't that be

three on thursday

the New York City Parks Department
 installed these
 chess/checkers tables/benches 
in many of the city's parks .. 
bring your own men,
 find a sunny spot


HAD to share .. this was taken this afternoon .. glorious West 78th Street in bloom!

waiting patiently

Last weekend 
I was racing around getting errands done, being beautified 
I espied

Of course 
I wanted to get closer, 
see these pups
get some photos

this guy was busy 'loving' a toy 
I was concentrating on him 

Oh isnt he sweet 
he's not a puppy, 
he's an older dog, 
given up, 
I dont know which 
I was touched by his posture, 
his eyes

I knew I had to leave.  
We live in a tiny apartment 
that doubles as Toonman's office 
we're owned by two cats 
much as I would have loved to adopt this guy
I knew I couldn't 
 those eyes haunt me still


I am shallow
I am vain
I work for a multimedia corporation's internet division
I have access to new and upcoming internet sites
Have you heard of Birchbox?

For a nominal monthly fee 
you get a box of samples tailored to you,
to your preferences
all gleaned from a profile you fill out.

After you get the samples if there's something you like you can purchase a full size version on their site.

I got my first Birchbox last night. 
check it out:

Oh and this month, 
in honor of Earth Day, 
they partnered with EcoFabulous
and went totally green 
(not the background, 
just the box and it contents, 
the background is my attempt at a backdrop 
for my desktop shoots.)

On top of the samples was a list of the contents  

LIV GRN natural eau de parfum, 
Suki, exfloliate foaming cleanser, 
Weleda, a wild rose scented smoothing facial lotion, 
Zoya nail polish in Dove (such a good color) 
Zhena's Gypsy Herbal tea (Italian Camomile).  

And inside the ribbon tied packet?

That little square of paper?  
If you plant it, it will flower!  
Its Bloomin's handmade paper,
 they made all manner of stationery items.

I was not compensated in any way for this post, 
I just found a good thing and wanted to share. 

And since today is the deadline for filing income tax
I thought everyone could use a little vapid, shallow, fun

Did you mail your taxes off already?
Are you a last minute-get-to-the-post-office-one-minute-to-midnight filer?
Did you need an extension?
Shallow, vain, nosy me wants to know!