waiting patiently

Last weekend 
I was racing around getting errands done, being beautified 
I espied

Of course 
I wanted to get closer, 
see these pups
get some photos

this guy was busy 'loving' a toy 
I was concentrating on him 

Oh isnt he sweet 
he's not a puppy, 
he's an older dog, 
given up, 
I dont know which 
I was touched by his posture, 
his eyes

I knew I had to leave.  
We live in a tiny apartment 
that doubles as Toonman's office 
we're owned by two cats 
much as I would have loved to adopt this guy
I knew I couldn't 
 those eyes haunt me still


  1. He is searching...I do hope he found a forever home that day. it would have been hard for me, just like you, to leave him there.

  2. Now they haunt me too. I pray he is loved in a new home tonight, Daryl.

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral




  3. I hope they all found good homes.
    It pulls at my heart too much to
    watch pups in cages... I would bring them all home, but then our one
    and only would be upset.

  4. Oh I do hope someone took them home to love.

  5. Oh, so sad. Maybe someone who needs a dog adopted this sweetie who so clearly needs a person.

  6. Oh, it tortures me so to see unwanted dogs and cats seeking homes. I have to avoid scenes like this cause I just want to embrace them all and take them home. His eyes pleading "pick me".
    I so hope he is no longer there.

  7. Awwwwwwwwwww. :(
    I hope someone took him home.

  8. Daryl, you know I have said it b4, there are some animals I like better than people, it just breaks my heart to see that...I hope someone took them home. In my mind they have a forever family right now...

  9. thank goodness he was at least rescued
    I want to hug him

    I was catching up on posts and fell in love with Rose and Jack all over again :)

  10. Oh his eyes caught me right away in that first photo. He's got the Benny watchfulness but without the joy. He breaks my heart.

  11. Oh that baby is so sweeeet! I hope he was adopted.

  12. My heart breaks when I see these little orphans. I try to donate a few bucks to keep the little ones fed, but I have no room for another animal either....my three would riot!

  13. I know just how you feel. Let's hope someone saw what we see & brought him home that day.
    He really is precious.


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