every morning
 i switch at 72nd

young woman 
waiting for the express

at 42nd her friend gets on 
they sit together sipping talking checking their mobiles

they stay on after i get off at park place

at first 
i imagined
 they worked for an internet startup

more recently 
i decided
 they were teachers in/at a brooklyn school

when i am not reading
i am wondering
who are these people
where do they go 
so early
 the morning

marching all over the city

it was
 practically spring-like this weekend
a good thing because
 the women's march for ...
bringing attention to sexual harassment:

 standing up against the republican party's refusal to fund

we all put on our pink pussy hats

they marched

these stragglers were walking along west 72nd street


i didnt actually march
i admit it
i had a spa day
i had errands to run

but i donated!

extremely soft focus

that is a very noisy iphone zoom photo
 i took with next to no light

in the box 
is staring down
 who tends to be 
very annoying 
very cute

its a chewy.com box
 in it 
before jack 
was a new carrier
 a replacement carrier 
the first one i ordered 
was too small
 chewy refunded my $
asked me to 
please donate the carrier

 i plan to

they overnighted me replacement!

my opinions/admiration of chewy and their customer service is mine no one paid me for it lord knows

strike a pose!

on my way to the dmv
walking down greenwich
i spied
 ms liberty with her selfie stick 

dmv deserves a whole post of its own
its comin'!

what's next?

i have been blogging since september 2007
i blogged daily
 here and on 
my now defunct blog
 through my eyes
i blogged through 
vacations long and short
all sorts of personal stuff 

 it took 
losing harry
 to get me
 to take
 an actual break

the suddenness of his illness 
the severity of it
 totally knocked me for a loop

 toonman thinks 
that the ups/downs
his health 
last year 
added to my mood

i hesitate to label it depression
i know people who truly suffer depression
 its not something that one shakes off

i spent a little over a week wallowing in self pity
i am mostly over it

so here i am
back to blogging
with some changes

i dont think this will be an everyday blog

i dont live an exciting
 i cant wait to share my latest adventure 
sort of life
i do want to continue to share
my city and my travel 
such as it is 

i hope you'll join me

prince harry

my darling puppy boy will be missed by many people
most of all by toonman and me
there's a huge hole in my heart

october 19, 2012 - january 4, 2018

halls are still 'decked'

the oculus aka westfield mall
from a slighty skewed perspective
still decked for the holidays

we got results for harry's biopsy
they're not good

bear with me 
a bit 
 i process 
i share

water towers ...

last week
 i dropped harry off at the vet very early
when i was walking back home 
i took a couple of snaps 
of the sky 
of the water towers 

good thing 
 its been so damn cold 
i only went out for lunches with .. 
i told you this yesterday 
no need to repeat

i think i told you we were waiting on biopsy results
harry's got some sort of growth behind his soft palate

results were due on tuesday
as of this writing
  5:15 pm on tuesday
the vet hasnt called

i am pretty sure 
the results didnt come back yet
he'd have called

 i hope
 tomorrow (wednesday)
 i will know the results 
i promise
as soon as i know i will share

keep good thoughts

welcome to 2018

i had the last week off
every morning
right after i fed the cats
i went back to bed

i went out to lunch (separately) with
my sister
my friend blondie
my gorgeous goddaughter and her beau

i beautified

i watched some good movies
lady bird
three billboards outside ebbing missouri
darkest hour
the post
the leisure seeker

liked some more than others but recommend them all

oh yeah
its been insanely cold