halls are still 'decked'

the oculus aka westfield mall
from a slighty skewed perspective
still decked for the holidays

we got results for harry's biopsy
they're not good

bear with me 
a bit 
 i process 
i share


  1. Oh Daryl...I am sorry to hear that the results were not good. You are in my prayers.

  2. I hope the results are manageable.
    And about the halls being decked.... the official time to remove the decorations is traditionally Twelfth Night... Jan 6. After that you're in trouble.

  3. I love the Oculus. I hate the news about Harry. xo

  4. Sending my love and good thoughts to you. I will keep Harry in my prayers.

  5. Great shot, but my heart is with you and Toonman --


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