fridaycation 9

i spent
home sick

 sore throat
by a very annoying 
dry cough

i am hoping 
by the time 
you read this 
i am feeling better

things are looking up

new york, new york ...

summer in new york city

is a tourist mecca

people come from all over

looking for love

filled with hope

enjoying the art

on the street

or in the museums

no matter 
who you are
there's something to enjoy

walking the dogs

two dogs
big and small

crossing against the light
see the owner
left (and right)

fridaycation 8

this is a photo 
 last weeks 
visit to the japanese garden

its so 

like the perfect antidote
 to this weeks politics

hooray its friday

how i spent my time away - finale

we drove from midway to frankfort
(that photo is actually taken in georgetown on our way back to cincinnati)

somehow we turned the wrong way on rte 32
it was a lovely afternoon
the sun was shining
the road was 2 lanes in either direction
it was bucolic 

as we drove and drove and drove
the road got narrower more twisty more deserted
at one point i wondered aloud why build a road that seems to go nowhere
mary drove cautiously some of the curves so tight we feared a local might come barreling in the opposite direction
we both wondered at the same time if we had enough gas
i laughed about how saving the texas donut since morning was a good thing
just as we thought we heard the theme from deliverance we saw behind a dish truck
mary waved
he pulled over 
a brief conversation

we were directed 
not along the road you see below 

 in the other direction

after a few miles 
we both
high above the trees
 a gas station sign

we cried simultaneously

for us 
santa fe's paseo was referred
 paseo paseo aka the vortex

now we'll always have 
josephine road

we did finally make it to frankfort

its the capital of kentucky
where there is one
little street that serves as a sort of touristy spot
it was however deserted
no one around
no one in the restaurants
no shops open

alas we missed the et screening

but the ghost signs are charming

american flags plentiful

our list of things to see 
 the old capital building 

the governors mansion


a short ride out of town 
 frankfort cemetery

daniel and rebecca boone 
are buried

the kentucky river 

that's the 'new' capital building
 peeking through the trees

it was a really fun day
i dont know why but i love getting lost
especially with mary

~ postscript ~

we drove on and on and on 
along josephine road
 there were some cows sleeping 
i wished 
we could stop
as i said
 the road was narrow 

to make it up to me
 on the way back

  mary and i attempted to find a sign
 i had spotted 
when we first approached georgetown

well believe it or not
 after at least 4 trips up/down the main road 
we couldn't find it 

so mary circled back 
to let me get this shot

a fitting way to end this travelog

how i spent my time away, part 3

we did a lot on saturday 
 i am going
 divide it
 two posts
 trust me
 its better that way

we left cincinnati around 9 am 
plan was 
to go 
 (the capital of kentucky) 
wander a bit
 have lunch
stop in midway on the way back

we drove for a while 
 mary wasnt sure we hadn't made a wrong turn
 we hadn't 
but we stopped 
we popped
thats a texas donut 
i could have eaten it all
 i am that much of an oinker
 i only ate that small piece
mary had a piece as well
i closed the box 
took it with us

we decided to make a short
detour to

(hey, its wednesday so of course there's a water tower or two)

it was charming

heading toward the highway
mary saw a sign for a japanese garden
yuko-en on the elkhorn

who could resist

that damsel fly
 was kind enough
 to stay put for
 a close up

there are a lot of these stone walls in kentucky
they are similar to those found in connecticut 
the kentucky walls 
top row of stones

we changed our plans a bit
heading to midway 
which as you can tell from its name 
is mid way between two places/cities
frankfort and lexington
it was also for us on the way to or from frankfort

i dont know if you recall the movie
five easy pieces
 the scene in which
 jack nicholson's character
 tries to order a sandwich

 i did

we lunched at the heirloom restaurant 

see that fried green tomato melt
i wanted that
the pimento cheese

our waiter was a bit annoyed
he kept telling me
 it was a
grilled cheese sandwich 
it needed the cheese

i suggested 
he simply have it become a bacon tomato sandwich
he had trouble wrapping his mind around that
he offered to use different cheese
i politely declined
he decided it was possible to accommodate me

after lunch 
which was tasty
 pimento cheese-less
we walked along midway's one street

that old train car
 sits across the road
the water tower

which seems a fitting way to end this segment

how i spent my time away, part 2

we made it to the cincinnati art museum
(this photo was actually taken on our way out after a brief downpour)

we went to see
 the cat exhibition
 on loan from the brooklyn museum

there was also a carl solway exhibition
 mr solway is a gallery owner of renown in cincinnati
mr solway was there
with his wife
 who shared some insights
sorry to say
 i didnt take any photos of the art in that exhibit
 in the american artist exhibition
we also took in

but i did 
take this
it was one of my favorites

then there were these punny signs

we had lunch with my friend beth
she went with us to the museum too

after the rain stopped
we drove to alms park 
checked out the view

on the way home 
the server
 at the 
kidd coffee & wine bar
 was on theme

mary and i 
like driving through random neighborhoods
looking at houses
we did that on the way home
before we
stopped for thai 'take away'
(in nyc we call it take out)

spending the rest of the evening relaxing