new york, new york ...

summer in new york city

is a tourist mecca

people come from all over

looking for love

filled with hope

enjoying the art

on the street

or in the museums

no matter 
who you are
there's something to enjoy


  1. Just my opinion, but to me, the most wonderful city in the world! xo.

  2. Nice! We had that LOVE sculpture in Vancouver for the longest time. It was in front of a gallery and then the gallery closed and the sculpture was removed. One of Chloe's students, a 40yr old, shy, Japanese woman, just brought Chloe some sweet gifts from New York because she said that Chloe inspired her to overcome her anxiety and take the trip of her dreams. :D

  3. Fun captures...I was in NYC in the Spring. Beautiful time and so nice and cool.

  4. And a good way to celebrate your return home.


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