it poured
 the skies must be crying
 my friends have gone home

  kate left around 8:30
  i am sure
 janice and the kids
 were already on the train by then

 it was so nasty
how nasty was it?
nasty enough
to make
my hair appointment
 i did get my nails done
 a slivery glitter for new year's 

we plan on celebrating at home
 just us and the cats 
speaking of cats
harry took a selfie

i know 
crazy me 

i guess
 almost a week home
 too much fun
 too much food
 left me 
nuttier than usual
i will go into the office
for a few hours 
get things ready 

are you ready for 2014?

what a weekend

it started on thursday
my friend janice
her two fabulous young adult/children, sam and maria, arrived
 from virginia

 they checked into riverside tower
then hit the pavement running
 did a lot of sightseeing
 guided by sam 
who'd been here before 
knew his way
 the subway
  the city

 i met them for dinner
fusha west 
where we had a catch up 
with a lot of excellent food 

friday morning
 kate arrived
 from maryland 
she was joining the others at nbc studios for a tour
 i was meeting them at the tree
along with half the human population

after photo ops
we went to lunch
 at a small
indian restaurant
 after which
 the virginia contingent
 headed off 
chinatown and little italy

 kate and i 
went back uptown
 joining toonman
 we watch

 the other night toonman and i watched american hustle
 both movies
 were really
is not a movie
 where you can relax
 its tense

after they came back from chinatown/little italy 
we headed
 to a 'true' nyc deli
 it was a lot of fun
to a 

 maria and kate 
 matzoh ball soup
 as well 

 do you sense 
a food eating theme

 i have now managed to gain a full 10 lbs
 since thanksgiving 
i really am thankful for leggings and spandex

after dinner 
we had 
janice pose in front of zabars
to say 
she loves this place
 is a gross

janice brought kate and me crab earrings
 a virginia
especially mathews virgina theme 
we've kept alive 
(along with the cornfield joke)
since the first blogfest in 2010 
where we all got to know one another
while kate and i took photos of one another's earrings
 toonman video taped us

after dinner 
sam and maria took for times square 
us old folks 
went back to my place 
had some wine 
relived the day
 before everyone
 their respective beds

the virginians headed off to explore talk of going to brooklyn was heard
kate & i planned on brunch
walk in riverside park
to meet at the high line in late afternoon
a farewell dinner
spice market

dinner was fabulous
i am still stuffed
we shared lots of wonderful food
if i dont eat again for a month
really it will be fine


 is the grandson 
of a dog
 named logan

 was owned by a woman
 (and her husband and daughter)
 who lives nearby 

i used to see the woman, helen, walking logan
almost every day
 now helen's daughter 
is in college 
 carter is the new 'baby'

 passed a number of years ago
 he lived a long and well loved life

  carter is an imp

 he is learning his commands 
helen got him to sit and pose pretty for me
 i got to give him a treat

  i usually try to get down on the dog's eye level
 so i can get a good face shot
 every time
 i tried
 carter jumped on me
you'll have to settle for these
 (no they aren't signed i was too lazy)

times square - its done!

 they finally finished
 the times square renovation
 at least
 the portion
between 42-43 streets at seventh avenue

i have been taking photos
 of it
 as it progressed
 should be 
chronological order

 none are signed

what a day

i hope santa
brought you
 all the things you wished for 
maybe a few surprises too

 i got what i wanted wished for

 a new iPad mini
 enough memory
 to watch downton abbey season 4
still be able to
 trounce and be trounced at both scrabble and words with friends
 read an ibook 
 keep photos to show off 

i am happy

 a new sound eliminating set of bose headphones
 from jack and harry
 an added bonus
 this pad thingie it was packed with 
works as a mouse pad!

 i got him a charm a replacement for something he lost many years ago
 i was hoping for a bigger reaction
 you know it is what it is
 mostly for him
 christmas gifting borders on bah humbug
 i just need to remember that

 pissed me off 
big time
 i ordered and paid for expedited delivery
 of a gift
 it was due to be delivered by 8 pm on the 24th
 it never showed

 after waiting on terminal hold for over 10 min at 9:15
 i spoke to someone 
at fedex
who barely spoke unstandable english
 i do not care if this is not a pc statement 
so there 
he checked the routing # 
told me
 it had not been delivered
 ya think
 he said he could give me the # of the office
 it is at
 but they're closed
 ya think
 he also told me 
i could ask the sender for a refund 
i said
 i would like to have it delivered
 he said
 they'd deliver it on thursday
 ya think
 i am resourceful 
i stole an image of the gift
 off the web 
printed it out and gave it to the recipient as an you

there was a lot of wonderful food and drink
at our friends house

a lot of fun was had
our joseph spent 4 hours
assembling a lego barbie luxury yacht
for our friends' granddaughter

i hope you had a lovely Christmas

merry christmas

 this photo
 is the one
 we chose
 to use on our holiday card
 this year

 it had been last year's runner up

 i took it right after christmas 2012
 in front
 bergdorf goodman
 fifth avenue 

i dont know
 who that little girl is 
she was there
it work for me

 toonman, jack and harry
 join me
 you and your's 

where are we, australia?

 its winter 
whats with the summer temps

 even i succumbed
 only wore a leather jacket with a silk scarf
 no wool
no gloves

 went wild
 with my nails 
this week
  this new stuff from incoco
 its a professional 
you can't buy
you have to go have it done

 its dry nail polish
 that gets pressed on
  lasts up to 2 weeks
 then it removes with a swipe of polish remover
 if you want it 
head over to polished beauty bar 
tell susan daryl sent you 

got my hair done
 i hope it lasts til wednesday
 when we have dinner with friends
 tho the terrific new stylist i use
 told me to come by wednesday
 before we go to dinner
he'll freshen it up
 no charge 

he's really good

 an israeli 
whose name is tuti 

go to blondi's on amsterdam
 tell him i sent you 
 he'll give you 20% 
off honest

friends are coming to town after christmas
 i am looking forward to that
 i am taking this week off 
tho i am going in for a short time 
(as i am writing this sunday)

 all the gift shopping is done 
at last

what else?

  i got nuttin' 

whats up with you?

some of this, some of that

 i didn't see anyone in shorts
 i did see a lot of people without coats
 trust me
 it was not that warm
 while the temps were in the 60s

 the sun was not strong 
it was chilly
 i wore my peacoat and a scarf 

my massage was fabulous
 as always

 i have arthritis in my shoulder/neck
  my neck the left side has been achy
 it got extra work
 sooooo good
 by the end of the hour
 i am limp spaghetti

of course
 i took photos of Lisa Perry's store windows

bussed it back to the westside

 did some errands

due to my sieve of a brain 
after i got home
 i had to go out a second time
 to get/to do 
 i had forgotten
 the first

 i went out a third time
with toonman
he took me to the apple store
no better way to say i love you than with electronics

 i finished two good books recently: 
the thinking woman's guide to real magic by emily croy barker
 a really enjoyable read
 a woman wishes her life was anything other than what it is
she gets her wish

 i highly recommend it

almost true confessions
 by jane o'connor 
who also wrote 
dangerous admissions
 the heroine of both books
 is an unemployed book editor
 a knack for getting involved in murder 
she eats pb&js all the time
 i got so hungry 
i had to have one

when was the last time you had a pb&j?