some of this, some of that

 i didn't see anyone in shorts
 i did see a lot of people without coats
 trust me
 it was not that warm
 while the temps were in the 60s

 the sun was not strong 
it was chilly
 i wore my peacoat and a scarf 

my massage was fabulous
 as always

 i have arthritis in my shoulder/neck
  my neck the left side has been achy
 it got extra work
 sooooo good
 by the end of the hour
 i am limp spaghetti

of course
 i took photos of Lisa Perry's store windows

bussed it back to the westside

 did some errands

due to my sieve of a brain 
after i got home
 i had to go out a second time
 to get/to do 
 i had forgotten
 the first

 i went out a third time
with toonman
he took me to the apple store
no better way to say i love you than with electronics

 i finished two good books recently: 
the thinking woman's guide to real magic by emily croy barker
 a really enjoyable read
 a woman wishes her life was anything other than what it is
she gets her wish

 i highly recommend it

almost true confessions
 by jane o'connor 
who also wrote 
dangerous admissions
 the heroine of both books
 is an unemployed book editor
 a knack for getting involved in murder 
she eats pb&js all the time
 i got so hungry 
i had to have one

when was the last time you had a pb&j?


  1. Thanks for the book rec's. I'm always looking for good ones to read. Been COLD here for sure. We've had yet another ice storm, not as bad as the one in '07, thank goodness!

  2. pb&j is my go-to comfort food with a glass of skim milk and a handful of potato chips. had it for lunch just the other day.

  3. Man, I haven't had a pb&j in a while. I'm the only one in the house that can eat that deadly gluten stuff. I was always more of a peanut butter and honey kind of guy. Gluten free bread has come a long way but the best gf bread is about equal to the worst gluten bread.

  4. Once in awhile I make a pb&j for my 3am work snack.

  5. A bit remiss in leaving a comment lately although I keep up with you (thank you feedburner)
    Regarding earlier posts I am in LOVE with knowing about all things "New York" so I am over the moon that you have shared about where you live! More? yes please!
    Also, the photos you have shared have been FAB!
    Off to check out your other blog and catch up on instagram. Makes my day :0

  6. I'm a sucker for books about book editors. LOL. I can't eat peanuts anymore, but I had a different nut-butter and jelly sandwich just the other day. Sometimes it's just the right thing. :)

  7. I really haven't had a PB&J since I was routinely watching my grandchildren on Fridays....if I didn't make one for myself I could always be sure of eating all their leftover crusts:)

  8. That first book sounds intriguing. I'll try to find that one - thanks for the tip!

    I'm reading one you might enjoy, called Witches on the Road Tonight, by Sheri Holman. I actually bought it at a library sale for the title, to add to a Halloween display, but it turned out to be a wonderful read. Hard to explain - check the blurb on Amazon for more.


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