the other morning 
 i walked to the subway 
i looked up

 there was the harvest moon 
shining down
of course
i pulled out my iphone
with its ridiculously ineffective zoom
i took this photo

i have no idea why its not in focus
i like it

in the harbor

i love the view from my office window
i love to look out at that view
 when i am on the phone
 have a few spare minutes

i love the ferries
the tugs
the sailboats 
the freighters
i love 
the barges 
most of all

look hard

there are several water towers/tanks
in this photo

taken from the office's northeast window

the building with the 'gold' top is the 
woolworth building
its in process of being renovated
 an office building 
 a residential tower

morning light

i really hate getting up at 5am

there are 3 cats who expect to be fed by 5:30
one of them
specifically jack
begins his morning vocalization
around 4ish 
by 5
 i want to get up
 so he'll shut up

one of the upsides 
to getting into the office
 at the
 insanely early hour 
seeing the sunrise
this time of year
those buildings 
on the eastside

shot from the windows on the 43rd floor facing east

man's best friend

last week
i saw this guy and his dog
enter the subway at 72nd street

i was surprised the pup wasnt in a carrier
after all the subway is not exactly
dog friendly

there are a lot of people
people with suitcases
people with all manner of bags
lots of legs
lots of feet

dogs would be right in the middle of it

when i posted this on instagram
a few commenters wondered if that was a service dog

i dont know
 the guy standing 
the wheelchair sign

the other night

we went
 up to the roof 
 to catch a shot 
harvest moon

it was overcast

all i got 
a shot of our neighbors 
having dinner 
al fresco

off to the southwest
there was a glow
coming from
new jersey

that's lily and her person
waiting patiently
for their turn
to see a vet

harry's allergy issues persist
we've ruled out food
the steroids
the special wash
for his ears/feet
the 'rash' persists

we've done the whats new whats changed
the answer is nothing

we ruled out asthma 

the x ray of his lungs was not definitive
we know allergies and asthma are related
but he's on steroids so ...

poor harry
we're adding two new meds
one is known to cause vomiting
if he vomits
 the other is supposed to stop it

if the new drug(s) dont stop the 'rash'
we're going to do a biopsy
we have to solve this puzzle 
the cause has to be determined
has to be eliminated
 got gone

water tower ahead

as part of my morning routine
i vary the street i walk down

some morning 
its down chambers to greenwich
some mornings
 its down west broadway

if i walk west broadway
 i must make a right some time
or not

thats what makes it interesting
same old same old
gets .. yup ... old

 water tower
 is at the corner of 
west broadway and warren

people on the street

there was a period of time
 when i was transfixed 
by people walking

mostly over it now
this couple caught my eye


i took that shot in early august

purim is in february

i got nuttin'

it seems
whenever i have 
filled weekend

the following weekend
a lot of nuttin'

that was the case this weekend

a full-ish (left at 3) friday at the office
a saturday of beautification
a sunday lazed away 
(after a quick run walk for starbucks and eric kayser almond croissant)
on the couch

toonman od'd on football
yes friends
saturday college football
sunday pro games

in memory

From the 104th Floor
by Leda Rodis (age 14 in 2001)

When the plane hit the building
rocked first
to the right
to the left,
and outside all the skyscrapers
of New York
seemed to tremble.

The alarms screamed louder
than we did, and I knew
it was time to get away. It's funny
what you notice:
a pen rolling across the floor
my screen saver flicker and go off
a picture of you
and me
at Coney Island.

So much to leave behind. And yet so little.

Running down the hall I remembered
my mother
taking me to the top
of the Empire
State Building when I was just
a little girl,
telling me that a plane
had crashed there a long
time ago. So I thought that maybe
what happened. Just
an accident. And accidents
happen everyday.

Under the blown-out exit sign
a crowd
is screaming,
on the door.
I know:


You have to believe that I tried. I'm not the one
to give up.
Back at my desk, I rescue
the rolling pen,
at the blank screen, and
my picture
of you.
I look out
at the blue morning.
I expect
to see God there.
But what I really see is
another plane.
And I know what it means.
But I don't know why...

I always thought that life was full of choices.
It always has been.
What to wear
Where to eat
Who to love
(and you know who I chose).

Now my choices have been taken away from me.
The men in the planes have narrowed my choices
Death by fire, or death by fall.

I see the smoke
filling the room
It's hard to breathe

I look towards the open window.
would falling feel like?

I remember the roller coaster at Coney Island.

The wind tugging at my hair
How good it felt to scream.
The feeling in my stomach.

And how all the way down

I was with you.

When I originally posted this many asked who Leda Rodis was ...

ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2001, 14-year-old Leda Rodis was in her high school library in Vermont, researching a freshman English assignment, when the announcement came over the loudspeaker: airplanes had been flown into both towers of the World Trade Center in New York. Like people everywhere that day, Leda watched the unreal images on television as the mammoth structures burned, then collapsed, killing thousands. The image that stuck with Leda most was that of two very brave people jumping from the towers, holding hands. Rather than die in the fire the terrorists had created, they chose to jump. And they chose to do it together.

More than any other event in history, images from 9/11 are forever seared onto humanity’s collective consciousness. Every person has tried in some way to come to terms with that day. Leda decided to write a poem. “From the 104th Floor” flowed through her as if a voice had come up out of the rubble. Though it memorializes the events and feelings of that day, “From the 104th Floor” is in the end a love poem. An inspiration. Love is bigger than terror.

Leda’s mother shared the poem with a friend in Brooklyn, Serguei Bassine, a young filmmaker. The poem’s images dug so deeply into him that in the weeks following 9/11 he would stand up and recite it on his subway commute from Brooklyn into Manhattan. Each time he read he saw horror turn to grief and then to hope in the eyes of his rapt listeners. For a long time he wrestled with how to bring the poem’s images to film without violating the integrity of the poem, or the enormity of the experiences of the people who were lost. In the end he made a short film using black-and-white animation as a way of honoring both the writer’s vision and the courage of the people who perished.

Comments have been turned off ... thank you for visiting on this very solemn occasion.


is part of rosalita's family
you met her

charlie i am told is part chow
 that black spot on his tongue
 is not dirt 
 a distinguishing mark 
inherent in chows

live and learn


you've heard of tea lights
these are coffee lights

brightening a wall
of the
west 74th/broadway

weekend doings

it was a nasty day thursday while i could have left the office early i didnt because in addition to the rain i had a foot doctor appointment at 4:45 ... so

turns out
do you remember 
old tv commercials 
they claimed 
fast relief from headache, neuritis and neuralgia

 it turns out
 the burning pain in the top of my foot 
 due to 
an overactive nerve
medically known as neuritis

there's a drug for it
i am now taking it
oh yeah 
the 'clicking' noise in the big toe on the other foot?
its arthritis
nice going toe
you can join the neck and get relief from the meds i take for it

getting old 

moving along

a lovely day
lurking on the horizon
hurricane hermine
to be precise

i did errands
i got a pedicure

got my hair done
the weather still perfect
tho windy
i met my friend cheryl
some brunch
some shopping
some walking
some talking

watched the last 2 episodes of the fabulous 'night of'
if you havent seen it you can still do so on hbo

those cats
that jack
they never let me sleep in
after feeding them into silence 
i went back to sleep

cheryl and i  brunched 

back home
toonman and jack
watching golf
in between naps

fridaycation 2016 finale

this weekend is not only
fridaycation finale
its labor day weekend

i plan on spending it 
enjoying that
everyone else
leaving town

central park has lots of hidden wonders
like the water falls in the north woods
dont tell anyone

under the canopy ....

some of you may know
some of you may actually follow view check out
my daily
monday through friday
blog post
under the canopy
the link to that blog is over there on the right

it started a few years ago 
i would approach the office
when we were on 42nd street
the foot traffic
the light
every morning
at almost the same time
was always different
i started stopping snapping sharing
i stood in the same spot
the exact same spot
it was a ritual i really enjoyed

when the move happened 
i was sad that the ritual would end
then an instagram friend
whose day job
 was as an electrical engineer 
working on the world trade center
hey you know
 there's a canopy at 7 world trade 
there's always people coming going
 you could
that canopy 
continue the series

 the first visit
 i made to one world trade
 i discovered
 we had a canopy too

not much foot traffic 
back then
the light wasnt as good 
 i was no longer facing east
i continued

this photo
the one
 i am sharing
 the 7 world trade canopy
(that 'spiked' thing is the famous oculous
the transportation hub designed by santiago calatrava)

i switched up 
my routine
 wednesday morning 

i still took 
under the canopy 
 at 1world trade

if you want to check the series out

oh yeah
happy september!