the other night

we went
 up to the roof 
 to catch a shot 
harvest moon

it was overcast

all i got 
a shot of our neighbors 
having dinner 
al fresco

off to the southwest
there was a glow
coming from
new jersey


  1. Aw, so romantic! I'd be looking too. Also, nice glow coming form New Jersey. I know it's light pollution and some places pretty serious, but I still like it. We get that in Northmoor looking to the East towards Oxford (10 miles away). But when we look everywhere else, we get the stars so that's ok. :D Had a bit of a panic about you yesterday with the explosions but decided to control my imagination. Still, so very happy and relieved to have your email in my inbox this morning. x

  2. We had clear skies for the Harvest Moon. Good views from up there!

  3. Shame about the skies - but I like the light you captured.

  4. I like the light glowing from New Jersey. Wonder what's happening there. No harvest moon appearance here. Clouds everywhere and rain. :(

  5. I like both photos. We got lucky and had clear sky for the moon. :-) It was spooky on Saturday morning we had heavy fog when we headed out for our morning walk at 6am. The moon was glowing in multiple rings.


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