that's lily and her person
waiting patiently
for their turn
to see a vet

harry's allergy issues persist
we've ruled out food
the steroids
the special wash
for his ears/feet
the 'rash' persists

we've done the whats new whats changed
the answer is nothing

we ruled out asthma 

the x ray of his lungs was not definitive
we know allergies and asthma are related
but he's on steroids so ...

poor harry
we're adding two new meds
one is known to cause vomiting
if he vomits
 the other is supposed to stop it

if the new drug(s) dont stop the 'rash'
we're going to do a biopsy
we have to solve this puzzle 
the cause has to be determined
has to be eliminated
 got gone


  1. Poor Harry! I hope you can find the answer to his rash.

  2. Oh, this poor little fella (and you) have been through so much.
    Not knowing feels so much worse sometimes. Maybe all the time.
    I sure hope they find something to do for him real soon.
    Hang in there, my friend.
    Thinking of all of you. xo.

  3. Hate it when you can't figure out what the problem is and keep trying this and that.

  4. I hope things get sorted out for Harry. Lily seems anxious.

  5. Our Lucy (Corgi Mix rescue dog) had a similar issue going on, we thought her food, the cat food (which she sneak eats), dog treats, dog bath soap.. we tried benadryl and prednisone but it only worked while the meds were in her system, as soon as they were stopped the intense itching began again...turns out it was a flea allergy and even thought we were using a topical product when they put her on Comfortis (an oral medication) her intense itching and rash disappeared... just a thought for you... hope you get it figured out.

  6. Oh poor little guy. We just took our dog to the vet over the weekend for a skin condition. Dermatitis. Special shampoo, change of food, and Apoquel. I hope you get it figured out for Harry. It sure sounds like an allergy. xo


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