weekend doings

it was a nasty day thursday while i could have left the office early i didnt because in addition to the rain i had a foot doctor appointment at 4:45 ... so

turns out
do you remember 
old tv commercials 
they claimed 
fast relief from headache, neuritis and neuralgia

 it turns out
 the burning pain in the top of my foot 
 due to 
an overactive nerve
medically known as neuritis

there's a drug for it
i am now taking it
oh yeah 
the 'clicking' noise in the big toe on the other foot?
its arthritis
nice going toe
you can join the neck and get relief from the meds i take for it

getting old 

moving along

a lovely day
lurking on the horizon
hurricane hermine
to be precise

i did errands
i got a pedicure

got my hair done
the weather still perfect
tho windy
i met my friend cheryl
some brunch
some shopping
some walking
some talking

watched the last 2 episodes of the fabulous 'night of'
if you havent seen it you can still do so on hbo

those cats
that jack
they never let me sleep in
after feeding them into silence 
i went back to sleep

cheryl and i  brunched 

back home
toonman and jack
watching golf
in between naps


  1. I think I have to get HBO, at least temporarily, I need a good show to watch.
    That's a really sweet picture of Toonman & Jack❤️❤️

  2. Awww. Love that photo of Toonman and Jack. We need to catch up with Night Of, I think we're 2 weeks behind.

  3. I am sorry to hear about your foot! :-(
    I hope you are feeling better real soon.
    LOVE this photo of Toonman and Jack!! :-)

  4. Getting old is not for the faint of heart. Toonman and the cat have the right idea about things.

  5. Sorry to hear about your foot but you are not OLD! Sounds like you had a busy weekend as usual and you walk more than anyone I know. I'm surprised your feet haven't just fallen off LOL. It's a NYC thing :) Love the photo of Toonman :) xoxo


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