times square - its done!

 they finally finished
 the times square renovation
 at least
 the portion
between 42-43 streets at seventh avenue

i have been taking photos
 of it
 as it progressed
 should be 
chronological order

 none are signed


  1. So what are you going to take pictures of now?

    Big safety violation!! The pipe stacked up doesn't appear to have been secured very well. Probably too late to let them know now.

  2. What a job! Done in time for the new year! Interesting to see how it all rolled out.

  3. What a relief! But you'll have to search a little harder for your men at work series. :)

  4. Looks good as new.. or even better hopefully.. perfect for those rainy day reflections :)

  5. I knew they must have had to have that finished by New Years!

    So what do you think of the final results? R and I are hoping to check it out if we manage to make a day trip to the city next week.


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