how i spent my time away, part 2

we made it to the cincinnati art museum
(this photo was actually taken on our way out after a brief downpour)

we went to see
 the cat exhibition
 on loan from the brooklyn museum

there was also a carl solway exhibition
 mr solway is a gallery owner of renown in cincinnati
mr solway was there
with his wife
 who shared some insights
sorry to say
 i didnt take any photos of the art in that exhibit
 in the american artist exhibition
we also took in

but i did 
take this
it was one of my favorites

then there were these punny signs

we had lunch with my friend beth
she went with us to the museum too

after the rain stopped
we drove to alms park 
checked out the view

on the way home 
the server
 at the 
kidd coffee & wine bar
 was on theme

mary and i 
like driving through random neighborhoods
looking at houses
we did that on the way home
before we
stopped for thai 'take away'
(in nyc we call it take out)

spending the rest of the evening relaxing


  1. Oh that cat exhibit would have been fun! Also love the astro cat T-shirt coffee boy was wearing. It looks beautiful above the river. Makes me think of the Hudson Valley, but that's because that's the only part of the North Eastern US I've seem.

  2. I love museum trips and REALLY love museum trips to see funky exhibits. This cat exhibit looks like a good one!

  3. Love the picture of you taking the picture at the park...beautiful!

  4. A grand view from the park! At some point I've seen that Pinocchio in another blog.

    Your mention of the Brooklyn Museum reminds me of a painting that is on loan to our Gallery for a special exhibit at the moment, of a woman in a storm.


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