what's next?

i have been blogging since september 2007
i blogged daily
 here and on 
my now defunct blog
 through my eyes
i blogged through 
vacations long and short
all sorts of personal stuff 

 it took 
losing harry
 to get me
 to take
 an actual break

the suddenness of his illness 
the severity of it
 totally knocked me for a loop

 toonman thinks 
that the ups/downs
his health 
last year 
added to my mood

i hesitate to label it depression
i know people who truly suffer depression
 its not something that one shakes off

i spent a little over a week wallowing in self pity
i am mostly over it

so here i am
back to blogging
with some changes

i dont think this will be an everyday blog

i dont live an exciting
 i cant wait to share my latest adventure 
sort of life
i do want to continue to share
my city and my travel 
such as it is 

i hope you'll join me


  1. I've been blogging since 2009, and I'm so impressed that you posted every day and that this was the first break you've taken. I'm doing good to post once every two weeks. I'm relieved you aren't stopping for good and of course, I'll continue following you! So many of my favorite bloggers have stopped completely and I miss them! I've never been to New York so I love the glimpses into your life, and for some reason, especially the water towers.

  2. I will always try to follow you - you needed time to grieve for your loss. It is normal. I do suffer from depression, its a different kind of feeling altogether. Hang in there, we all love you!

  3. Love you, whatever - or how often - you communicate.

  4. I'll will follow you... Wherever you may go...🎤🎤🎤

  5. Glad you are back .
    I have missed your wonderful photography
    and priceless commentary. But I also appreciate the need
    to step away .

  6. Such a shock. I just want to wrap my arms around you both.

  7. You are so loved by Harry.
    You might not be able to see him but that kind of love never goes away- it's forever tucked inside your heart.

  8. I totally understand your heartbreak. I have lost beloved pets too. And I understand that you don't live an exciting life.... do any of us live that sort of life? I'm glad that you will continue with your writings and your photos. It's important to be in touch with other people. Please don't go away.

  9. Losing a pet is the same as losing a loved one, maybe even more because our pets love us unconditionally. Glad you are back and post whatever you like when you want to.

  10. I understand what you're saying. I eventually gave up blogging after I lost Andrew. I don't think it was because of sadness but rather because while he was sick, blogging was a way to connect for me outside of my world. I could do that from my living room. And after he was gone, I didn't feel the need any more. I am so sorry for your loss, Daryl. He was such a sweet boy.

  11. I totally get this and feel for you. I suspended blogging when my life was turned upside down because of someone of the two-legged variety. I returned to blogging after my beloved Skitty died - though at a MUCH slower pace.

    To me, and to others, I'm sure.. you do live an exciting life because it's simply different than our own. I think that's some of the appeal of blogging. It allows us a glimpse into others lives like yours showing us different aspects of life in the best known big city in the world (probably), Kate out in the country with nature, William showing us my nation's capitol, Shammie with her beautiful grandkidlets, Barbara and her wonderful life in Texas and the always-amusing superb writer, Suldog. And those are just the ones I know through blogging who have weighed in above me here. So I hope you do keep blogging at whatever pace is good for you. Your words and images are always worth absorbing. <3

    Take all the time that you need dear heart!

  13. Blog for you, Daryl.......FOR YOU. You'll find your sweet spot.

  14. Dear Daryl, I'm always cheered by your photos. Glad you are back. Farewell, dear Harry.

  15. by the way, RuthieButhie is the name of my dear departed orange cat.

  16. My dear Daryl, you can't not be affected by something such as this. It is no different than losing a beloved family member.

    I am glad you will still be posting, because I truly love what you see, in what is in my opinion, the most wonderful city in the world.

    As long as you are here, I will be also.

    Sending you hugs.

    P.S. My deleted comment? I need to learn to spell! :-)

  17. I will always be here! But the same has happened to me. I have been overwhelmed with ... not exactly depression, but with everything. I just don't seem to have the same energy I had before. I've been happier now that I've given myself permission to blog when I want instead of the daily pressure.


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