extremely soft focus

that is a very noisy iphone zoom photo
 i took with next to no light

in the box 
is staring down
 who tends to be 
very annoying 
very cute

its a chewy.com box
 in it 
before jack 
was a new carrier
 a replacement carrier 
the first one i ordered 
was too small
 chewy refunded my $
asked me to 
please donate the carrier

 i plan to

they overnighted me replacement!

my opinions/admiration of chewy and their customer service is mine no one paid me for it lord knows


  1. Now that's good service! I like this low-light photo.

  2. I love this moment that you captured Daryl!
    & I hear nothing but good things about Chewy, they are amazing!

  3. Great customer service! I wish more places were like that. Love this shot!

  4. What a stare down! Clash of the Titans, without Sam Worthington mumbling and looking dazed.

  5. Cats sure do love boxes, no matter the size. How great that Chewy asked you to donate the carrier.

  6. I LOVE Chewy!
    And I love this photo.
    There is just something about cats and boxes.


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