three on thursday

the New York City Parks Department
 installed these
 chess/checkers tables/benches 
in many of the city's parks .. 
bring your own men,
 find a sunny spot


  1. We have one or two chess tables
    in a downtown park, but never see
    anyone playing there.

  2. I would have to recruit some men to play...can't we girls just play?

  3. Great composition. "Bring your own men" could mean players as well! :)

  4. Great shot... love the black and white, and the composition is fabulous!

  5. Deeply civilized! An agora for the contemplative to meet, a place for the young to learn

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral




  6. I love nothing more than to watch those old men in the parks. Watch them play checkers.....

  7. Another place for me to plant my rear when I get to NYC.

  8. Up here they installed them in the playground (probably a long time ago). But the chess players were recently told to absent themselves I heard. Strange.
    Perhaps you have to have a child to be able to use the chess boards in that playground.
    But I do see men sitting on the street playing chess outside their shops up here when it is a little warmer. Love it.


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