I wonder if a tree is felled on Riverside Drive
 if their number is retired
reassigned to a sapling?  
What, you ask, 
made me wonder 
even think about such an 
esoteric or is it existential thought?  

During our walk Sunday 
as we strolled down Riverside Drive
 on the Park side 

I noticed this

I walked closer to see who was nailing things to a living tree

It was a numbered disc

No. 437 is near 83rd Street 
its not between  No. 436 or No. 438, 
I believe - 
dont hold me to this my brain is leaking and I am not as annoyingly positive as I once was
 - it was next to No. 439

Trees are branded, but why?

What are you wondering about this Wednesday?

Edited to add:  I Googled tree tags and while there was nothing specific about Riverside Drive's trees, I found this .. click here


  1. The tagged trees here have more info.. date of planting, type
    of tree .

    A few years ago didn't they have
    a campaign to plant a million trees...

  2. I've seen those tags in NYC before and never had a clue what they were for... interesting..

  3. That forst shot? Looks like the tree has a pierced nose. Just sayin'.

  4. I remember that Bloomberg was going to plant a million trees by a certain year to cut down on carbon so maybe this tree is part of the ongoing project.

  5. there is probably an Office of Trees, where they keep track of them all in a giant ledger, every tree in NYC.

  6. Maybe in NYC the trees need licenses . . . weird!

  7. Mmmmmm, any way you can find out what that's all about?

  8. ^snort^ at mpm
    Numbered trees...I'm sure someone is employed to search out each tree once a year and check on its growth and stuff. Just my guess?

  9. Yup, one of the curiosities of life.
    One I am willing to let pass my scrutiny.

    wv: cloges; trivia cloges my mind.

  10. I googled too
    I also learned that there is a Tree Census performed in NYC very similar to the people census

  11. I never heard of tree tags, maybe branding would work too.

  12. I"m guessing a way to keep up with those wonderful old trees etc. My brain is leaking too Darlin. And that last shot is terrific.

  13. They're for a GIS model? That is too cool!

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  14. It's a strange concept to be numbering trees. I hate when I see a big orange X painted on a tree around here. It means it's marked for removal.

  15. Umm. Well, if it fell, would Debbie hear it in NC?

  16. That looks like an ash tree to me, all of which are under attack from the emerald ash borer that came into the country in pallets from Asia. It could be they're being monitored for infestation. Just a guess, though.


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