long long story short, promise

i had a taste 
a bad taste
what its like to be a victim of identity theft 

long long story short 

i got an email from my cable provider
 they were implementing
 the changes to my account
 i made


 i didnt make no changes
 no changes were made by moi 

two telephone conversations later
a 3rd receiver 
spanish language versions of several premium channels
 were removed 

a second password 
was added

 i still dont understand 
someone knew i had that provider
 had my home phone and/or address 
the only security used
to identify a subscriber

not any more

 i also worry
 what else this person knows or plans to do 

i feel very violated


  1. Someone who works for the company??? I just read the news than my Android phone could have malware that takes photos, makes calls, etc.....when I think it's off!

  2. Blimey!
    I hope this was a single event.

  3. It is terrible, isn't it Daryl? My daughter just had eight hundred dollars stolen out of her bank account and she hasn't a clue as to how that happened?? It does make one feel very violated!! It appears to be running rampant these days...not a good feeling at all. Happy Friday to you Daryl and I am glad that you got the cable thing straightened out!

  4. Oh things like this scare the hell out of me! I hope there are no further repercussions. xx

  5. Oh dear! Dodgy to the max! How in blazes did they got that info? I'm with you, I'd have no idea whatsoever. Evelyn makes a good point though. I watch Person of Interest and the goodies walk past the baddies and press one button on their phone and it syncs the baddies phone. I suspect that's juts Hollywood, but maybe something like that is possible. I've just implemented a series of impossible to remember random passwords...which then have to be written down and recorded in my "little black book of the house" which stays in the house. I know, not ideal to have a printed record of them, but at least a baddie has to come to the house, search for the house book, copy them out and then try to use them. Wow, big shock. Hope you had a nice glass of wine after you sorted that out. (maybe an asprin too) Big hugs.

  6. I can understand why you feel violated! I always worry how much of "me" is out there. I had an issue with my Sears card where someone in CA charged some things. After getting it all straightened out I cancelled the card. I never used it any way. Yikes.

  7. Ick!!! Of course you feel violated. And all you can do is after-the-fact damage control (or cancel all of your accounts and start over--double-ick!)

  8. Ugh.. best to change all your passwords. I'm sorry that happened to you.


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