weekend wrap up

weather fascinates me
 its unpredictable
 even the forecasters
 several different 'models' 
 whats coming

thats the excuse
blizzard juno 
zipping away
new york city
new england

 tho after deflate gate
 i suspect
 it was something
 they had coming

 back in the early 2000s
 how florida got slammed
 3 times
 horrific hurricanes

nature's payback
 the election debacle of 2000 

i am still waiting to see
 how the supreme court
 gets paid back
 for its part in that


 i won't go there
 i will go back to discussing 
the weather

 the skies
 so amazing
 so threatening 
so beautiful  

 how cold a blue sky can feel
 how the sun hasnt got a chance
 warming things
 the winds are icy blasts 

 was milder
 less frigid
 less windy 
also less sunny
 gray skies vs blue

the stupid bowl
 being played in warmer climes 
will keep many at home glued to their televisions
 in our house
record the game
 give it a half hour or so
 to get rolling
can fast forward
 through the dull stuff 

 that includes commercials
 during the stupid bowl
 the commercials 
are part of the entertainment

 the snow thats coming sunday evening
 will turn to sleety rain 
my trek downtown
 less enjoyable
hey whatcha gonna do

as someone once said
 if you dont like the weather wait a few minutes it will change


  1. Three fine captures. And as lovely as the first and last are, I can really feel the mood of the second.

  2. Really enjoyed your photos and narrative

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  3. Threatening skies indeed! I just looked out the window and we have got another eight inches or so on top of what we had...and we are supposed to be getting close to 14 inches all together. It is quite nice to look at from inside...but having to drive or walk in it...is not fun! I hate the cold!

  4. Ooh that threatening sky does look quite amazing...lovely pics!!

  5. Love that sky photo! Yeah, we were supposed to have gotten slammed with snow last night -- I see about 2 inches, which is pretty much nothing for us.

  6. Yes, wait a few minutes applies to Van with alarming regularity. Or, if you can't wait, just drive a few miles, away from the gloomy mountains and into the delta sunshine...lol. Oh, stupid bowl...Love that! We did the super bowl thing without actually watching any of the super bowl. As it turns out, football is so not our thing. Love the first photo of your sepia world. Oh, Celi took some spectacular sepia photos yesterday right here if you wanna peek: http://thekitchensgarden.com/2015/02/02/sourdough-and-snow/ I just love the white out that happens with a covering of snow.

  7. That threatening sky shot is definitely a spectacular shot.

    I could care less about football, so I never watch the Super Bowl. Stupid Bowl is probably more apt a description.

  8. I'm waiting for Spring, I just wish it would hurry up.x

  9. Giving games 30 minutes or so head start is generally a good idea. I watched the whole thing live and and loved it. Not boring at all especially the free for all fight going on afterward.

  10. That first shot is gorgeous! We're into our fourth day of non-stop snow at the moment...


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