what's new

aside from the obvious
the weather
 its the northeast
 its february
 get over it 

so this week
 the opening of the new cafeteria happened
a distracton from the weather

 no more schlepping
 no more 
have to get to fairway
 have to get lunch stuff

 no more


here's the salad i had for lunch wednesday 


a much edited photo of the caf's check out area
 the reflection perspective teases


  1. The salad looks very tasty. How nice to have so many choices and not have to decide at 5am what you want to eat for lunch several hours later.

  2. Nice salad, and I remember how good that used to taste. :( Oh well, taste is slowly coming back. I do think the check out area looks well sexy. Love the inlaid wood? maybe paint? whatever it looks great, love the reflective ceiling and love the diagonal lines on both the floor and ceiling. Nice that they more or less coordinate in their parallel patterns. Too bad someone doesn't disappear all the chip and fill those shelves with apples and oranges. Would looks so much more elegant. Then again, there's the view!

  3. Love the photo/edits. And yay for food right in the building.

  4. It looks wonderful, Daryl, and what perfect timing.
    The last thing I'd want to do is to go outside to get lunch in this weather. xo.


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