the subway etiquette signage 
this dude 
 that whole side of the train for himself
 trust me
 when others sat beside him
 he did not rein it in

men like him 
truly obnoxious
during rush hour

thanks to Hilary for a POTW nod
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  1. Lots of folks have NO situational awareness! Witness the aisles at Whole Foods... I always thought people were being passive aggressive in such situations, but the years have taught me they are simply that wrapped up in themselves. Sermon over

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  2. I totally agree - it's a problem here too!

  3. Ugh, I really dislike passive aggressive people. In my experience, often they're people who don;t have enough authority to please airport gate checkers. Or maybe he just doesn't have any spacial awareness. I'm forever taking my mother's elbow and gently steering her from standing in the middle of somewhere where she's blocking the whole thru way, and she simply has no clue that there are people trying to get past her. But then again, he looks a bit dopey and far away. Perhaps he's just had a tragedy or hardship of some sort and he's lost in his misery. One never knows.

  4. He looks angry/challenging.. and quite possibly totally unaware. I'd be tempted to sit beside him and ask him to please make more room. Mostly, you've captured an fine image, here. Did he know you were taking his photo?

  5. I wondered the same. Did he know you were taking his photo? He's taking up 3 seats. Maybe he is lost in misery or something of that nature. Or maybe just a jerk :(

  6. I wonder what's going on between his ears . . . .
    Congrats on your POTW award . . . Eddie . . :)

  7. I don't think he likes himself so why would he like anyone else? Just sayin" Congrats on your POTW, Daryl!

  8. Can you imagine if a woman sat like that! Ghastly man person!

  9. I saw a commentary on this "spread" on the Daily Show. Kristen Schall did a piece. Hilarious.

  10. And I love that you took his photo! Doesn't look like he blinked. Ugh. Congrats on the POTW, though!

  11. Yup, definitely rude, and not a real attractive pose either!!! xo.

  12. Congrats on the POTW. Love the line "he did not rein it in."


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