a new trick

Your cat pulled the untoasted English muffin half out of the toaster and was chewing on it by the scratch-box…   this is not a good trick!

MY cat????????

The one with the really long hair...

well  .. I hope you gave him a smack and that you remember he’s a thief and don’t leave food anywhere unattended  …

The muffin was IN THE TOASTER!!!

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  1. Bad Kitty, and he doesn't look a bit sorry. Typical cat.

  2. Smart kitty to grab it before the toaster got too hot and burned him!

  3. Oh no...lol! Clever boy! Morgan does one better, she pulls the whole loaf from the bread basket to the floor, beats it up, tears a hole in it and eats her fill. But I've scuppered that because yesterday I bought a 1950s sexy, chrome bread box. Take that you darn cat! x

  4. Ha.. gotta love cats. And my cats are like Veronica's.. bread thieves. One (long departed Snag) even stole a bag of bagels from a neighbour's apartment. They were atop her fridge.

  5. But he looks sooooooooooo sweetly innocent. LOL

  6. Cats, who can figure them out?! I see that smirk, he's sayin' 'Gotcha good that time!' Thank you, Daryl, for coming by sharing your creative photography on the Weekly Top Shot, #167!

  7. Oh, my, I have to laugh at your post! Cats are pretty smart!


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