this route vs that route

thursday morning
 i decided to see 
the walk 
 fulton street to the office
 was like 

i did it
the street 
 the path entrance and washington
 being blocked off 
 due to falling ice 

 its a longer walk
i had to detour
 fulton to church to vesey

fulton is still closed off
 due to the ongoing construction
 church and west streets 

on the upside
 the streets
 leading to the office
 weren't closed off 

i guess
 all the ice that was there to fall

this is the uptown subway entrance at 79th and broadway
 i dont use this station
i dont go down those stairs
 those stairs 
 the ones 
i fell down 

 they weren't shoveled after it snowed

second time 
my heel caught the treads on the stairs
 next to the bannister/railing
 are worn unevenly



  1. Oooh take care....I once slipped on ice running(!!!) along 28th St to meet a friend on 7th Avenue ....straight up in the air and landed on my butt in true cartoon style....really hurt!!

  2. Stay away from those evil stairs! I just heard about the falling snow in your work district last night on the news. Yikes!!!!!

  3. Ice and stairs don't mix :( I didn't know you fell or maybe I did and you healed and I forgot. Yes. Stay away and I know you're glad it's Friday :)

  4. Yup, I remember. Those stairs are cursed! There's some sort of saying about threes and third time's the charm or something like that, isn't there? I have a feeling that even old wive's tales have a basis in some truth, so best stay away. Besides, it just occurs to me that in numerology, 79 reduces to 7 and, while that can be a lucky number, its nasty cousin is a backstabber. (If you go in for that wooey wooey stuff) :D

  5. One associates places like that negatively after two bad experiences, so definitely best to avoid a staircase like that.

  6. Love this shot, and glad you're staying away from those stairs!!


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