toonsday - it's baaaaaack ...


  1. Oh, the other day, my bill came up to $21.21 and C said, "you need to buy a lottery ticket!" I didn't, because I just don't buy lottery tickets, but it felt a little like an omen. I guess the only omen you are seeing right now is freezing fingers and toes. I'll do a little rain-your-way dance and that might warm things up. :D x

  2. I suggest tapping your shoes together and saying, "there's no place like Bermuda, there's no place like Bermuda..."

  3. Single digits.. I wish! ;)

    Yesterday's windchill was -35C (-31F). Bring on those single digits!

  4. It really has been uncomfortably cold.
    I know it's New York, but enough already!!
    Thank you for the smiles, Toonman!


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