oh muse where'd ya go

here muse
 here muse
 come on
 be sweet 
come here

 i have nothing to share
 the only worth repeating moment 
 my husband trying to find a specific pair of leggings in my closet

 the dry cleaner messed up 
 do not
 down the front
i wasn't going to be home when they came to pick them up
 i called and asked my wonderful husband to find them
 he said
 they all look the same

 he did find them 
they were the ones 
the two 'gold' faux zippers near the waist
 they were the ones
 the crease

 i think tho he didnt say
 i think he was appalled 
 the number of leggings and jeans
 as he did remark
 they all look alike
 they're all black

 thats not true
 i have
 navy black dark green gray and patterned jeans 
black gray loden green leggings
they are all i wear 
at the office too


  1. You can't have too many comfortable pants.

  2. Yes they do all look alike. Toonman is a devoted husband for trying.

  3. Oh Toonman's a keeper, admit it! Lol. Robert sometimes remarks about the all black in my closet too. And then I point out my red sweater. OK, it's only one red sweater, but still, let's be accurate! Actually, there's plenty of colour in there and various shades of black or grey, but he usually stands there looking all Shakespearean and says, "Death, where's thy sting?" Suppose he thinks he's bloody clever. :D

  4. At least you have a little variety. All I have is jeans....blue jeans. Old blue jeans, older blue jeans, and maybe a couple pairs of somewhat newer blue jeans.

  5. "They all look alike." ~ Well, they do, right?

    Terrific shot!

  6. I find my stacks of black at times as dizzying as looking down the staircase in your picture! ;-)
    Have you ever worn the "wrong" pants or leggings, realizing it only when it was too late? My worst "mistake" happened not so long ago, wearing a pair of leggings inside out. No one told me.
    The muse! Sometimes she sits high up in a corner of the ceiling and observes how we desperately try to find her. ;-) This past Wednesday morning I could not think of anything to post, until I walked into my daughter's room where I spotted the goodie bad and mask she brought home from a store opening event.

  7. Oh, I do know how this goes, and what a sweetheart that Toonman is for finding them for you! xo.


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