Tonka, you will be missed ...

my friend james
had to say goodbye
 his best friend tonka

he will be sorely missed by many


  1. That is always so sad, it breaks your heart.

  2. In our season of life, we have seen - and see - much passing. Such a challenge to stay glad of today. But that's why we support each other! <3 Aloha. Dear

  3. They become such a part of our family, and hold such a large place in our hearts.

  4. Aww.. Thanks Daryl. Yes, we miss him, but he had a good, long, and happy life. It's a little strange and the house still seems pretty empty without him here, but then I think about how much he added to my life for those 14 1/2 years and realize he'll never be truly gone for me. Thanks so much for remembering him too!


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