summer stock sunday/random strangers

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Summer is about gardens,
either elevated over city streets
in one's own backyard.

This past Fridaycation™,
I went to wander The High Line,
(more of those pix this Thursday in the Hood
with Elizabeth Wix of About New York.

We paused to watch this High Line gardener at work.

She, in turn, paused to chat with us
allowed me to take her photo.

EDITED to say: My back has been wonky, so I apologize for not visiting/commenting .. I am not permitted to sit for long ..


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  2. There. That's better.

    I just love the concept of the High Line and would love to ramble there with you two bloggee pals.
    Unintentional, hidden gems are what make a great city a delight!

    Getting Sunday out of the way because of the Blogger scheduled posting problem? OK, take tomorrow off LOL

    Comfort Spiral

  3. I love to see this. Every city needs some green, and what better way than to grow vegetables. I hope that's what she's doing.

  4. I didn't know about this gardens. Interesting topic. There is no much spare room in the city and NYC is among the most expensive one. Great job - to care for these gardens!

  5. how cool is this!? can't wait to see it myself!

  6. Gardens in the city are wonderful things...more power to all the urban green thumbs!

    Nice portrait!

  7. so true about summer and gardens. I call it dirt therapy, a phrase I found on a blog of the same name!
    thanks for sharing about the High Line, it looks wonderful!

  8. Yippee, you made it!The city needs more green, even if it is high up. Such a good idea.

  9. I'll keep my eyes open when I'm there next week.

  10. You made it there - hurray! What a fabulous spot, a real gift to the city.

    PS Spam?!? Idiots!

  11. Oh that looks like such a fun place to garden.

  12. I heard about the High Line on a news show last week and my son went a couple of weeks ago. I can't wait to see it when I come visit you! Whenever that will be.

  13. It just goes to show you that a garden can be anywhere! Hanging from a window or growing in the sill...surviving on the rooftop or just beneath the hill...I loved this lifts my gardening spirit!

  14. Summer is about gardens! And, I love that people have gardens on rooftops. So cool that you got to see visit the garden, and of course the gardener took time to talk to you. She certainly deserves to get to brag a bit. Fun photos!

  15. can I kick some blogger ass for you? just let me know, I'm armed with a cane ya know ;)

    great shots of the high line
    I hope we get to meet up there someday soon - or anywhere actually

    and I want to meet Elizabeth - and Buster!!! I have a huge crush on Buster :)

  16. I was just in my garden yesterday - bliss. I love the rooftop garden you're sharing with us, as well as the gardener. A perfect Summer Stock Sunday subject.

  17. That is a highrise
    Looks a big one too...
    Very therapeutic.:-)

  18. What's better than a gardener in city like New York?

  19. An oasis above it all...that does say summer in the city.

  20. I love chatting with strangers. Especially about gardening. Great shots and a good time, I think!

  21. I love the idea of gardening but weeds are green. Hey! If it's growing, it can stay. Sit pretty, feel better, or stop kicking tires???xo

  22. Oh major sympathy on the back, I have so been there before. Have you ever tried a kneeling stool for work, I had one in the UK and also here, it's a lifesaver trust me.

    Love the rooftop garden, just so neat.

  23. Love the garden shot! I take it you don't have a backyard of your own. Maybe I should send you some of my tomatoes ... they might help your back?

  24. Hope your back is better soon. I know that pain and it blows!

    I've always marveled at rooftop gardens... Seems like a lot of work!

  25. OH Drats! A bad back?! Gawds girl - I know from where you moan.....

    Mind you - the injection I had a year ago has helped a lot. Still - needles right into your spine- not fun. Hope yours doesn't go that way.

    Relax relax relax.

    If it's muscle spasms....flexeril works a charm. Just knocks you out though.

    Get better - okay?


  26. That looks like so much fun. I'd love to wander there too. Sorry about your back. Take care of yourself.

  27. That is a high

    Sorry to hear about your back, i hope it gets better soon.

  28. Wonderful and cool pics =)
    (understand about the back thang) sorry =(

  29. I'm going to make a point to check that place out if I ever make it back to New Yawk! It looks wonderful.

  30. I hope your back is better. Can't imagine how much that would suck.


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