sunday shadows - 79th street at west end avenue

I love shadows
I  love the massive brick buildings 
on the Upper West Side
For now, a new Sunday theme
maybe not every Sunday 
you'll have to stop by and see

sharing with Shadow Shot Sunday


  1. MMMMM, the warm brick, and chilly shadow. . . NICELY, Daryl-ly DONE, Sis

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  2. a nice theme for Sundays = the contrast of the shadow against the huge building

  3. Hey Dar;

    t's ME-

    It's me cloudia.

    I have a second gmail account and invited myself to be a 'team member' on my own blog. Now I have another way to control my blog if my email get's hijacked or something. Cool or schizophrenic?


  4. great shot of the building's shadow. These bricks are lovely. Dropping by from SSS

  5. Looks like a piano keyboard going down the side of this building Daryl.

  6. Nice! You do have great buildings around.
    Ricki does indeed look like a very handsome guy. Love that photo.

  7. In that big, busy city you should never have any trouble with shadow. Nice job.

  8. Great "tipped" perspective adds an arty, dizzy effect to bricks and shapely shadows! Good one!

  9. A great theme, and love this shot Daryl.
    Sending you wishes for a beautiful week ahead.

  10. Gorgeous!

    My shadow entry. Thank you for supporting the new team of SSS. Happy holidays!

  11. Can't wait to see the theme! Rich material you have girl!

  12. Do you wonder about all those people behind all those windows? I love the little balconies.

  13. Hey, girl! Nice to see you playing along with the Shadow meme! I'll bet you find some marvelous ones in New York.

    Love the play of light on this building, and the balconies are a wonderful contrast to the brick.


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