I spend my time every morning thinking about things. Sometimes its things I see on the bus or on the way to the bus or through the bus window. Its peaceful at that hour to just sit and think.

Two nights ago I was curled up in bed, Husband always stays up way later than me. He works at home and so he sets his own 'office' hours , that he would also set his waking and sleeping times follow. But I digress which is why I think I forget things so easily, I mean I let myself get distracted .. poufff goes the thought or idea.

Well, there I was in bed letting myself let go of the day, letting my mind have some playtime when it occurred to me that I had an idea for a post. Something that usually happens on the bus. As soon as I segued into the bus thoughts I forgot my post idea. I lay there sort of smiling at how bad I am getting and then I guess I fell asleep.

No amount of trying would bring back the thought, the idea. So finally I gave up.

Of course as I sat here replying to comments on my backhoe photo it hit me.


That is what I was thinking about. It was what I was going to post a topic about, so here goes..

What is the proper internets manner of responding to comments?

Does one do it in their own comment list?

Or does one go to the poster's blog and reply there?

Does one simply say thank you or does one chat away?

Do the commentors return to see if the blogger has replied? Or is one of those sort of 'hey how ya doing' comments said in passing without really hearing the reply?

Inquiring bloggers want to know!


  1. That's certainly a good question and I'll be interested in reading the comments. If someone asks me a question I try to go to their lastest post and answer. (sometimes I forget)
    In case you don't already know, you were mentioned in authorblog's post of the day.
    Love your blog!!

  2. The ways of comments vary as much as the types of bloggers.

    I always return to blogs where I made a comment - especially if it was a question - because I don't comment to be polite, I comment because I had something to say, and I appreciate replies. I only comment in blogs where the post means something to me.
    I always acknowledge comments on my blogs, because I am so grateful that people actually read
    If the comment was a compliment I usually just say thank you, or say something that explains that it really wasn't me(like for photos), I just point and click - the beauty was in the
    I don't take compliments well!

  3. Well, you better learn to take them if you keep posting such great photos AND blogs, Ms Anita!

    dot, I dont know what authorblog's post of the day is .. tell me .. I shall come to your blog to ask as well in case you cant get back here .. my morning has got away from me ..

  4. What a great blog you have! Am going to add you to my 'MUST read' list.

    I think your questions are very pertinent and I've also wondered for a long time now about the etiquette of commenting. If someone asks a specific question I'll usually answer it and trust that they'll come back to check. Otherwise I'll usually comment on a comment if there's something relevant to say. Hopefully, I've not offended anyone yet.

    I revisit other people's posts quite a lot, if they're about an interesting subject, but I think that may be because I'm a sad person with too much time on my hands sometimes.

  5. Oh, dont be sad, come visit me and let me help cheer you up. I try to answer comments as they arrive but I often forget to look back at older posts to see if there are new comments or replies .. I guess I need to try harder ... :)

  6. I have asked myself these questions to. So its interesting to read what other people think.

  7. It is and I hope that I can figure out a way to squeeze in more time here replying .. sssh, I am supposed to be working

  8. Sorry, I should have left you a link but I thought maybe you knew who he was. You will have to scroll down a few posts.

  9. Thanks, dot, not to worry I am a sleuth and the internets are fertile ground. I found it and have been preening ever since ..

  10. I'm easily distracted too. These are great questions. I visit one blog that gets hundreds of comments per post and the author responds to every comment. Another equally popular blog rarely responds. Then there's one that responds directly to the commenters emails. I try to respond to comments on my written posts although because of my work schedule it may not be right away. On the photo days, I don't respond so much. I always go to the blogs of people who have commented on my blog and leave comments on theirs.

  11. Aha. Thanks, nessa, I am trying to do that .. go back and reply on the blogs of blogger's who comment here.. its not easy to fit my real work in between viewing/commenting .. butI am trying!