A is for Aztec

The Aztec Theatre in San Antonio, TX .. way off the M104 but fun to share at mrsnesbitt's ABC Wednesday.


  1. Now that's a long way from NYC! It reminds me of the old theaters I loved to go to when I was a kid.
    Glad you joined in the ABC fun!

  2. Great A....the films on sound interesting :o)

  3. Great A! :)
    Have you seen any play`s there?
    I guess it is a venerable building.

  4. Memories of early times spent in the local cinemas! I remember when Dad lost his filling whilst watching Jaws. He was eating a toffee and gasped during the scene of the head floating out of the boat! LOL!

  5. Looking at your photo I have decided to plan for next wednesday already - B

  6. Thanks. I enjoy looking at photos of old buildings,

  7. I love these old Theatres - we have a similar one in Chippenham, but not in such good nick as this one...

  8. Interesting old building. Modern ones are so often lacking in character.

  9. Thank you all... I was sure I replied earlier but today's been whirlwind at the office.

    I took that shot last April when I went to San Antonio with my gal pals, we go somewhere every April sans husbands/significant others. How lucky you are nessa to live 'around the corner' from The Aztec .. my favorite food in San Antonio is Mi Tierra .. maybe we can meet for a margarita next time I head south!

  10. That's a really good A - a lovely decorated canopy!

  11. Hi and welcome to ABC Wednesday. Great choice for letter A.
    The theater seems to have a lot of character.

  12. Welcome to ABC Wednesday, Mrs Nesbitt's great idea.

    (I came here from Dragonstar)

    Looks like a theatre with character. I'll be in NY this year, so I'll check it out.

  13. I love seeing everyone's vision of A! It is Amazing how diverse we All are.

  14. Very original!

    Welcome to ABC - I have added you to my list.

  15. Look's like a fun Theatre
    to watch movies in.

    Great choice of A!

    Have a Blessed Happy
    Creative Fun Year!!!

  16. Oh i love the old movie theatres wonder what it looks like inside great A

  17. Great "A" picture. I was expecting something from NYC. Surprise!


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