shaggy dog story

Sunday, weather permitting, means a walk to the local Green Flea.

Its a combination Farmer's Market selling small produce/fruit/baked goods from farms in upstate NY and NJ and a Flea Market (all types of vendors, look back through my blog archive for blogs with photos taken at the Green Flea) held in a school yard at Columbus Avenue between 76-77th Streets.

Among the rules posted is No Dogs which is why this sweater clad shaggy pup waited at the gate impatient for its people to return.


  1. Maybe that was not the proper dress for the green flea! lol.
    Sounds like it would be a fun place to visit.

  2. Check out Sept 21, 2007 Weekend Comes, Weekend Goes post .. its full of photos of vendors ..

  3. Looks like this dog is wearing its owner's sweater!

  4. Not as well dressed as Beamer or Sugar ..

  5. Oh! isn't he adorable.. I love big, scruffy dogs... :) The sweater is a good thought, although I do think he should have his own sweater...

  6. I wanted to give him (or her) a hug, I am always wanting to hug dogs


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