this cutie
 on one of my recent walks with toonman

 this might have been the day 
we did
 a quick
 up and back
 along the promenade
 the people's garden
 rain falls 

we made it 
all the way home

i have no idea
this pup's name is
 a panda


  1. It does look very panda-ish. It would fit right in that Murad Osmann follow me photo from the 1600 panda exhibit in Hong Kong. Wow, he has over 1million followers on instagram! That's what you get with a good idea I guess. :)

  2. Panda would be a perfect name for this little cutie! xo.

  3. I agree! Great name. And he looks like he has a great personality.

  4. She's a cutie. I'm glad you got out a little and are hopefully feeling better.

    I got my new blog started up, the old blogs posts, comments,and pics, moved over and the old blog redirected to the new.

    The new is still a little rough around the edges, come pay a visit if you get a chance. to


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