feels like

summer is here
calendar says its still spring

 toonman put the air conditioners in

 that should tell you a lot
 he really tries to put
 that off 
as long as possible

 got unbearable hot last night
floor fan came out
 so we didn't suffocate

 our friends 
who own the building
 have an air unit
 its one of those box things
sit on the ground for central air 
its literally
 our bedroom window

 last night 
it started up
 turned on
it was so loud 
so intense
 our bed vibrated
 it woke us

now with our windows closed
 we won't notice it as much 
 i think 
the unit is loose
 vibrations are due to that
 it seems 


moving right along

 my cold seems finally to be abating
 i had been taking muscinex
 tuesday i went without

 less coughing
 less nose blowing
 all good things
 toonman didn't catch it 
oh yeah 

what else

 lets see

 i am about to kiss time warner goodbye
the move

 its an nth of the cost 
for the same stations 
they actually install for free 
there's no charge for the hardware

 a friend referred us
 so both 
 $10 a month credit for a year


thank goddess
 the subway cars are air conditioned 
the platforms are not


  1. Hi Daryl.. so happy to hear that you're finally on the mend. This has been my first free (?) morning for so long and I couldn't wait to make a coffee, put my feet up and go through all your posts for the last goodness knows how long! Sounds like you had a corker of a bug and as you say thank goodness Toonman didn't get it, if he's anything like Pat, oh la! it's a nightmare :) loved the link to Alice Aycock's work, she is brilliant, must be quite a sight to see for real.. I sympathize re root canal, I'm in the progress of having an implant, it's like major bloomin' surgery, but on the home run now, impression and cap go on in about three weeks. I would say if the noise from neighbours air condition keeps up a gentle word or two may be required, it's a long summer with windows closed oui! xx

  2. Love your blather posts! So glad you are feeling better...it seems like you have been sick forever! We have had an unusually cold spell lately...no A/C yet...which is very strange for me!

  3. I know it's totally normal to you, because it's what you know, but there is no way I could live in the city like you do.
    I want to be in a quiet little corner of the world. In fact, some days, that's all I want.

  4. I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better. FINALLY!!

    Yup, don't like subway platforms in the summer.

    I think it's almost summer here. We've had some warm days, but nothing that came close to requiring air conditioning. Hopefully some of the heat there will move here.


  5. It certainly feels like summer, looking at these shots.

    Hopefully winter puts in an early appearance in late August.

  6. Holy smokes, you're reminding me of summers in Montreal or Toronto where it was so muggy and humid and hot that no one could go outside for a walk till practically 10 pm! No wonder everyone heads for the hills (and lakes) in the summer. So glad you're on the mend. About time. :)

  7. I broke down and closed my windows and turned on my A/C last week, I couldn't take it any longer.

    Glad you're feeling better.

  8. Having summertime temps here in Virginia as well. I tell myself every year that I will deal with it, but DANG.... this humidity just done tuckers me out.

  9. Let us know how the direct tv thing goes -- I'm very curious.

  10. I have to tell you Darryl - this morning as I sat and poured my coffee I thought I would look at my twitter feed - and I opened it up and there you were BEFORE Barack Obama's message....it brought a smile to my face and I just had to see what you had to say today! Good to hear that you are kicking that nasty bug and that toonman didn't get it! Beat that heat girl - we are still freezing up here - well - it's very cool....not a warm spring at all.


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