thursday in the hood

Schnitzel & Things truck
40th Street just west of Sixth
no, I didnt try any
no, I am not going to try any
the very same afternoon
I did meet
Eliane of nyc-daily-photo

She takes charming photos of NYC & other places

In one of those odd karmic farts life has,
her apartment is 2 buildings north of our's
her office is across Seventh Avenue from mine


  1. You know Daryl, our friendship across 6,000 plus miles including a vast ocean and several time-zones, makes me a believer in the Blog Goddess. She is good!

    Aloha, Sistah!

    Comfort Spiral

  2. I love the crazy-ass stuff you stuff into my head. Always awesome.

  3. PS: Once you "Fall backwards" into Easterm Standard Time, you will post at 7pm my time (HST) and my computer os put away by then.....I'll go back to being 37th commenter again.....

    (that sounds "wrong" - not that there's anything wrong with that)


  4. Damn, I want some of what Cloudia is taking, doing, drinking, whatev, sounds like a great thing her mind is fantastic, as is your blog... just saying.

  5. oh, how funny - but not surprising!! it is after all, a very small world! xxo

  6. That certainly is one big crazy coincidence. And just today one of my blogger buddies in Montreal (I'm in Texas) said she thought we must have been separated at birth. Blogging is fun like that.

  7. Coincidence... I think not !
    You just have the right karma...

  8. Odd karmic life farts are the only kind that don't stink.

    Does Eliane want to travel to the next Blog Fest?

  9. Love the schnitzel lunch truck! Only in NYC!

    "Odd karmic farts" Going to have to work that into conversation, at some point. Love it.

  10. That is totally cool and a little eery, but in a good way.

    My Dad would have had a good ol kaniption(sp?)fit to see a Schnitzel truck...he would have been in the zone.

    We don't have food trucks like that around here. Maybe one hot dog stand, but never anything like that.

  11. Did she try the schnitzel? Somebody must tell us how it was.

  12. Indeed, we need a schnitzel reporter.

    That man in the lower left looks like he would have a story to tell.

  13. The world is certainly a very, very tiny place, isn't it?

    Sweaty Schnitzle guys . .. hmmm. I don't think I would try any either!

  14. What a feast today, plus meeting Eliane and all those other NYC bloggers! A different picture layout is always appreciated - food for thought.

  15. A couple of those shots remind me of doctors working an operating room!

    Nice that you met a sister blogger! Amazing that she lives and works right next to you - so to speak!

  16. "Karmic farts"... File that one away for future use for sure. So you're telling us that you've lived and worked right under this woman's nose for ... how long? and never knew it?

    Stranger than fiction I tell ya.

  17. I love it when the Universe throws us special surprises and we open to receiving them! And I might just try a schnitzel when I arrive in NYC!


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