my friend f in lala land 
sent me
 a fitbit
 for my birthday 

you dont know what a fitbit is?

 its a little thingie
 that keeps track
how much 
you walk
 number of steps
 number of stairs

 aside from the stairs
 in/out of the subway
 i dont do stairs

 we live in a ground floor apartment
 i take the elevator up to the office
its on the 6th floor 
our new offices 
will be on the 46 floor
 i wont be walking up those

 i do a lot of walking in the office
 from my desk to the conference room
the pantry 

on nice days 
i walk home from the 72nd street subway stop
  its been pretty cold
i havent been doing that

 the idea of the fitbit as a gift was sweet 
 i think
 she thinks
 i walk
 a lot more than i do 
after all
 she lives in la 
where no one walks
 except to their car 

 she friended me
 on the fitbit social network 
i decided to give it a try 
in fact
 in the 18 degree cold 
the morning 
i decided
 to walk 
to 72nd street

 it wasnt windy 
so it wasnt a bad walk
 i made it in 8 minutes 
l short stops
 snap these photos 

when got into the station 
i heard
 the train approaching
 i hurried down the stairs

 into the subway car 

 my surprise 
 i realized
 it was the local

i laughed to myself
 the express
 the local

at least
 i didnt get on the uptown train! 

 you see
 the water tower
 in this

its there
the tall 'green' building
 the light brown one under construction

none of these photos are signed


  1. I don't know exactly what you are talking about as I do believe you are using "NYC SPEAK"...I haven't been on a bus or a subway in I cannot remember how long...but I do agree with your friend. I really thought you walked everywhere!! It seems to me that you walk lots and lots of miles!!

  2. Does it really work? I've had pedometers of various brands and none of them seemed to be even close to accurate.--I live on a fifth-floor walk-up, 111 stairs up, and I do that at least four times a day....dog walks and an occasional lone excursion. I once calculated the number of steps up Notre-Dame, Sacre-Coeur, and the Eiffel Tower, and you wouldn't believe how often I 'do' those monuments. (When I grocery shop, I take my backpack; much easier than carrying by hand!)

  3. I think you do walk a lot. When you said you hurried down the subway stairs, I felt my breath stop. I was afraid you were going to say that you got hurt.
    Really cool photo of the 72nd street stop there.

  4. I walk, too. Wish I could walk to work but my family worries I'd get squashed crossing the freeway.

    Here's my Wordless Wednesday!

  5. Little known secret, if you lose our fitbit, they will send you another one. Also, if you find one they can figure out whose it is and return it to the owner.

    Also, they are easy to lose.

    I did 7077 steps yesterday, which is about average if I don't run.

  6. I love my fitbit! I'm not very competitive with my fitbit friends, but I like aiming for my 10k steps. Even though I walk most days (I mean when it's not a zillion below zero), my desk job and home office make it a challenge to get my steps in. Stairs? That's another story -- 2nd-floor office mean lots of stairs.

  7. I love that you wound up on the local! I would have absolutely gone uptown by mistake
    besides the fitness aspect, walking sure does present wonderful photo ops

  8. You'll be surprised how much you actually walk. I can do slightly over 5000 steps just in my all-on-one-floor house.

  9. I'm glad you braved the cold and thought to take photos for us! I would be screwed in NYC - no idea what the difference is between express and local!

  10. We don't have a subway in Van, only a "sky train", (risk of earthquake too great) but I very rarely take it anywhere. I'll take the sea bus plus sky train to downtown concerts, operas or hockey games because getting over the bridge and trying to park on an event night is a nightmare, but that's about it. Once I took an express train to Berlin from Geneva, (with a 9yr old Chloe in tow). It was a great and fast train. The only trouble was that I was expected in Prague, not Berlin. LOL.

  11. I will be interested to hear about your fitbit and how it works for you...thinking of getting one and getting out to walk. Take care, have a great day!

  12. I see it!
    Have fun with your FitBit.

    I use a GPS thingy that I love. I walk or run five miles every day which is about 11,179 steps, which is better than the recommended 10,000, so I am happy! :-)

  13. A Fitbit huh? My son put a game on my phone for when I walk that helps me avoid the zombies and vampires no matter where I am...thoughtful of him, wasn't it?

  14. Thanks for warning me that the photos weren't signed. I would have been tearing out what little hair I have left trying to find you.

    Is the fitbit what used to be called a pedometer? Or is it something electronic, thus different? I used to wear a pedometer when I was in the habit of taking long morning walks for exercise.

  15. I just heard about Fitbit yesterday from a friend. Did you know it tracks hours of sleep as well? And I do see the water tower, nice shot.

  16. so how far did the fitbit say you walk in a day? A friend of mine has one and likes it...I've been thinking of getting one but there is always something else I need more:)


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