a long weekend

my office is closed
presidents day weekend 

right on the heels
valentine's day 

 no gift 
no token of love
is necessary

 many people
 go away
leave town
 for the weekend 

i bet
 a lot of those people
 didn't get away
 didn't get away on time
 this year
 all the snow making
 a mockery of airline schedules

 a dear friend 
works for one of the airlines
 she is a very unique woman
do things throw her
 this year 
has been hell
all the bad weather
 many flight cancellations rebookings angry flyers

 i hope
 if you had plans
 to get away
you weren't 
too baldy
snow sleet ice 

those of us who stayed home
 made it 
 few inches of white

 it fell 
 no longer white snow

it brought

 you can look forward
 the end of the week 
having temps
 that actually
 make it out of the 30s

 not to be a downer
that means 
it might rain

at this point 
in the year
 i would

wouldn't you?


  1. Home is the place to be

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    =^..^= <3

  2. Honestly Daryl, I think we will see the ground in June at the rate we are going! It has been many, many moons since we have seen a winter like this one!!

  3. Although the south of England has been battered by storms and floods we, in the north, have got off quite lightly thank goodness. I'm just hoping all the snow you've had over there is not heading this way! Stay safe. xx

  4. Oh god! You can have our rain, both here and in E! Robert sent photos of the garden and it is so flooded I just don't know how it's ever going to go down. (mainly because the land is so flat and the rivers so swollen, it has nowhere to go). Poor Theo is swimming more than walking outside...lol...and we've had water come into the dining room. This summer we're going to lift the floor up four inches and build a conservatory in front of the dining room. (because we're so sick of dealing with the flooding) Here I'm on rock pile so it all washes down to the sea, but it's ever so dreary and leaden. Oh boy, I am a little ray of sunshine, aren't I?

  5. Really pretty image here, though.

    Matt was booked to go to Santa Monica to visit friends this long weekend but had two flights cancelled. Ah, well.

  6. We have blue skies today and that makes me happy.

  7. I was supposed to be in Boston this past weekend.

    Rescheduled for this weekend. We'll see...

  8. Rain would be nice! We need all we can get at this point. We usually have snow all around us in the mountains and they are very bare! Scary! Our water table continues to drop from lack of moisture! We did get a little rain last week, but not nearly enough!

    Very pretty shot!

  9. I'm so sick of it all, all the cold, dark, gray, dreary days that no matter what is coming from the sky it is depressing to me. But I saw sunshine today, that helped.

  10. You must admit, winter sure can beautify the bare branches of trees. I love your photo.
    Here we occasionally get hoar frost, which is just beautiful to look at, but not at all good for the trees.
    It was a holiday weekend here, too, something invented in Alberta, called "Family Day" which made no nevermind to me because I only saw my husband and dog, who are, yes, family, but we didn't really make a day of it. I have a cold, Dick hides out in his office so he can't hear me sneeze, and the dog is outside barking at imaginary somethings. Must go fetch her in.

  11. Just had a very enjoyable time catching up with whats going on in your part of the world Daryl. So much cold and snow, couldn't be more different from here, 37C tomorrow.. Absolutely LOVE your new haircut.. So tempted to get mine cut short, must be so easy to look after right !

  12. Ah....but this wouldn't be nearly as nice in the rain!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!

  13. I glad my son was not traveling this time of year -- what a hassle!


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