see for yourself

i am writing this on wednesday evening 
 it hasn't started snowing
 it is 

 i came home
 a little while ago
 after having dinner
 my friend liisa from helsinki
 she's in town for two weeks
 she said
 its been colder here
 than at home

 i remember how mild it was here last winter 
how i would see her photos on instagram 
 snow drifts
 so amazingly high
 i couldn't fathom
 what would happen
 when they melted
 she reassured me
 they drain off into the many lakes

 this winter
 they've not had a lot of snow
they have had a lot of rain
which made the ground soggy 
 it froze 
leaving us both wondering
 how many
 the plants
 would survive

 we had dinner
 good conversation
 i am so full

 i walked to 72nd street again this morning
 i got on the correct train

 i like walking
 i get to take photos
 as i go 
it was a frigid 14 degrees
 this morning
 i am bundled up 
 all that gets cold
 is the finger
 i use
 'click' the 'shutter'

 i noticed
 the stores
 that were open
 before 7

 i think
 its interesting
 to see
 the neighborhood
 for the day

 i am not sure
 if i would enjoy
 the walk
 in the dark 
 now that the sun is rising earlier 
its sort of pleasant



  1. Three great pics. That last one is classic NYC.

  2. That's cold! We've evidently gone beyond the cold into the 40-degree stuff with rain! The problem is that the ground is still frozen from weeks of freezing or below temperatures.

  3. I just love this New York ambiance and miss it so much!

  4. I forgot about your birthday Daryl. Sounds like you celebrated appropriately!
    Love the photos of early morning going to work..makes me a little homesick for NYC.

  5. I want one of those freshly bake NYC bagels!! We are getting snow again today but at least the temperatures are in double digits. Yesterday started off at -7.

  6. Those are interesting. I love getting up early when I travel to a city just to see the shops open up and the early people going to work.

  7. I'm usually too lazy at home, but when I'm travelling I love to get out first thing in the morning and see that cool blue outdoor light with the warm indoor light. Spectacular! Makes me want to get up and go for a walk this morning. (But I'm too lazy) :)

  8. All the necessities, I see: breakfast, the dry cleaner, and as Hilary said, the classic newsstand. Love it! Stay safe and warm today!!!

  9. Love your photos.
    Can relate to your temperatures, although it's actually warming up here, and a lot of snow will melt and our dog will be soaked every time she comes in. Fortunately, she never has that wet-dog smell.
    For some reason I was very very cold last night and couldn't get to sleep. Freezing feet, mostly. Wrapped my feet in a fuzzy-cozy pyjama top. Great to fall asleep with, horrible to wake up with. Aarrgghh, I can't move my feet. HELP!

  10. Great early morning photos. Life as the city awakens.

  11. I love these photos! And I love being out early as everyone is waking to the day. Only wish this body would cooperate more often so I could enjoy those early hours more!

  12. I might have been guilty of complaining too much last year that we didn't get enough snow:)


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