subway for dummies

a blog friend
 what is the difference between the local and the express

  i thought
 what a good bog post the answer would make

 here it is
 subway for dummies

she's not a dummy

 i am just 
 the wording 
of those computer books
 you know
 word for dummies

 the local and the express trains
 the same route
 beginning to end 

the difference
 the express trains
less stops

they stop
 junction stations 
the passengers/riders
 switch to the local
 to get to the stop
 they need
in between express stops

if you live near a local stop
 you might
 take the local 
to an express stop
 your destination faster

 on the line
 i take
 to the office
 i live within 3 blocks of a local stop and 8 blocks away from an express 
i can
 take the local
 one stop
 get the express


let me clarify

 i get on the local
79 St

 i want to
 need to 
get to 
42nd St

 if i stay on the local
 it will make stops
 72 street
66 street
 59 street
50 street
arriving at
 42nd street

 it takes approximately 4-5 minutes from 79th to 42nd

 i change 
 the express at 72 street

 (or walk to 72 street to get it)

its just
one stop
42 street

 it takes 2-3 min 
(not counting
 any waiting time 
of course 
if the new signs

a long wait 
you dont bother to switch
 there'd be nothing to gain)

there are express/local trains on all the subway lines

 the subway 




 relatively speaking
 $1.50 for seniors and school kids

any questions?


  1. Express or local, doesn't matter, I want to go back to New York!

  2. It's kind of like years ago when this dummy was in London and took two trips to Heathrow airport. One trip took forever cuz it stopped everywhere and the other trip was fast cuz it was an express.

    I love your subway pics.

  3. Thanks to December's visit with Son and his subway app, I know exactly what you're talking about and absolutely agree: the subway is the way to travel if walking isn't a practical option. It is indeed very safe, clean and extremely entertaining. I was entertained by a woman giving a dissertation on America on one ride, and by a dancer performing feats of acrobatics on another. Sure do wish I had anything resembling a subway here, but alas all I do is drive and burn up gas money.

  4. interesting and very entertaining! I've always wanted to ride the subway, but now that I have to use O2, I can't figure out how I could have enough to make it to NYC and have enough to see the sights...sigh
    Have a great day!

  5. Bargain! The fares from Oxford to London via train are much more, but if you take the slow train it is way less expensive than if you take an express. The only problem is that it doubles the travel time. But, if you have your Sbux and your paper, then it's not that bad. Oh, and there are restrictions on your ticket as to which train you can take after you buy the economy fare. (like you can't leave London during rush hour...4-6pm) OMG, speaking of rush hour, ever try to take the subway during it? The tube is a nightmare with jam packed people like sardines and you're tripping over baby strollers, and shopping bags and students and tourists... holy smokes, who'd want to leave London then anyway? :)

  6. The entertainment looks like fun!

  7. I actually think the express trains aren't really all that faster than the local. frankly, saving a few minutes isn't worth squeezing myself into a crowded train. the local trend to be less crowded.

    hope you have a great day.

  8. Damn....I remember the .15 cent tokens to get in the subway & it wasn't clean at all or air-conditioned (are the cars now?)....stumbled over the drunk drugged bodies on the floor getting on at 242nd st. (end of the line) in the morning on the way to school & was wedged in between greasy smelly male bodies rubbing up against me on the way home at rush hour if I dawdled with friends for a snack at Chop Meat u remember that place Daryl, down 2nd Ave from A&D?
    Actually when I'm visiting NYC enjoy the buses more cause I can see the sights, windows & action on the street! Altho....if I want to get from point A to point B's underground for sure! I MISS NYC too!!

  9. In your part of Manhattan, the subways are clean....not so much in other boroughs (Brooklyn, for example) I've visited. The only police I saw at subway stations were in/under Manhattan. I really wanted to photograph the ones with the big guns, but didn't summon enough courage to do so. ;-)

  10. Well, you couldn't be clearer. Very nicely explained.

    I am hopeless behind on commenting on blogs, yours included. Last night I had a dream about just that and your blog was in my dream...figure that :).

  11. Ah! You know I love a good subway posting! By the way, we may be in town around my birthday - the 2nd - and if so we should all get together for a meal of some sort.

  12. Oh, and to MZIRIZ - One of the best ways to see the sights in Brooklyn is to take the F train to Coney Island, elevated for most of the way from Smith-9th onward (and Smith-9th is the highest elevated station in the system - probably the world - at some 90 feet in the air over the Gowanus Canal.)

  13. All you ever wanted to know about the NY Subway System but were afraid to ask....Love it!!!

  14. it does look clean/safe/entertaining! Obviously not the subways of my mother's youth of which I heard horrible stories!


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