i spent saturday
 she's referred to in my apartment 

we drove down the shore
 they say in this part of the northeast

 we took photos down along the beach
how amazing
 it was
 we were there
at the beach 
in march
at the beach

 got some really good photos
 i will share
 along with
 witty prose 

 for now
 i am merely
 a tease

 by sharing
 this shot 


  1. Lovely shot. Sandy Hook was always our beach of choice when we went down the shore.

    (Well, except for a particularly crazy senior week at Wildwood, but I won't incriminate myself here - and besides, it's been so long that the statute of limitations probably ran out decades ago.)

  2. "Down the shore..." I remember than from when I lived in NJ for a few years about a hundred years ago.
    The lighthouse is stunning.
    Glad you got to hit the beach!

  3. I just love lighthouses, and this one is a beauty! xo.

  4. Simply gorgeous! I have been to the shore many times but not to Sandy Hook. Hummm. May have to correct that.

  5. This is a great photo, Daryl! I love the bare branches of the trees against the iconic lighthouse. Frame-worthy.


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