yes! its wednesday

 going to a party
 having a party
 bringing balloons
 sunshine filled
 a week or two ago

 as i write this
 i am listening
 the weather report 

 you read this
 we're having
 snow storm 


  1. Daryl, geez will it ever end! It's raring and blowing a gale here but about 50 degrees!

  2. Correction:

    "You are having a FINAL snowstorm"

    one hopes

    ALOHA from Honolulu

    =^..^= <3

  3. Look how sunny and pretty!! But, yes, more snow. Sigh.

  4. I'm not really liking being cold in late March.

  5. 20 degrees here and snow flurries!
    Yesterday we had several mini blizzards - I am so tired of this weather. I'm sure you are too.
    Had laser surgery on my left eye yesterday interesting ordeal:)
    Have a great day!

  6. We had snowfall for about 6 hours yesterday, but much of the 3 inches melted away mid afternoon. I noticed flurries this morning. Those balloons could come floating by our house if they want. That would brighten a winter day for sure!

  7. A non-event here in central NJ. I must be crazy but I am not ready for spring or summer.

  8. Beautiful photo!
    Love the blue sky and the round building at right.

  9. We woke up to snow yesterday AND today! Yikes! and today is VERY cold too!

  10. We had it too. Some of it is still on the ground. It was pretty, though. And damn, it's cold.

  11. OH NO! No more winter. Seriously, enough already. There are a few East coast people here and they are all complaining bitterly. My what a spectacular winter you've had. Let's hope this is the last hurrah. (Damn groundhog!) Big warm hugs to see you thru this last one of the season.

  12. Did the storm hit you at all? It TOTALLY bypassed Boston (after we were warned, a few days ago, that we might get a foot of snow.)


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